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Quest WorkspacesFeb 16, 2022 2:04:54 PM3 min read

6 Tips for Client Retention When Downsizing Your Office Space


The number of spaces available for coworking has grown dramatically in recent years. Statista estimates that in 2021, there were nearly 18700 coworking spaces around the globe, with this number expected to rise to 26,000 by 2025. Coworking spaces provide easier and cost-effective spaces for teams of all sizes to accomplish their roles. Additionally, coworking spaces offer the choice of working in a flexible environment. This flexibility can greatly boost employee productivity, job satisfaction, and retention rate. However, shifting from traditional offices to coworking spaces can impact your client base. A poorly planned and executed move strategy almost always results in massive client attrition.



This piece provides important tips for retaining your client base when downsizing your traditional office space to a coworking space like Quest Workspaces. 


Maintain Open Communication

When it comes to downsizing your traditional office space, communicating frankly and openly with your clients is one of the most effective ways to retain their trust and loyalty. Be open and realistic in your communication while acknowledging client concerns. In each content you use to announce the move, make it as exciting as possible. The idea is to sell your clients on why it is the wise and exciting decision for the company. Make it all about the client by packing your shift as a calculated business decision to reduce wasted resources and provide personalized services. You can also sell your move as a strategy to get services as close to the client as possible.


Tell them ASAP

Start communicating with your clients far in advance of the actual move date. Use the most effective communication tools to reach out to clients at least six months before shifting to coworking spaces. These may include fliers distributed with customer receipts and invoices, email notifications, website notifications, voice mail notifications, press releases, and online/offline address updates. Additionally, provide clear directions of the new locations so clients can be kept on the same page as your team. Encourage prompt feedback by opening all your channels of communication so customers can communicate their concerns easily. You should also set up a team to handle client queries and concerns that may arise.


Update Your Online Map

Online maps and GPS are crucial tools that your clients will use to find you. Update your online listings to ensure your customers discover your business easily when they pull up directions for your new location. This also goes a long way in helping prospects in your new location discover your business when they search online for products and services.


Update Social Media

Communicating your shift to coworking space through social media is a crucial step in getting the word out. Ensure you update all your social media platforms with new photos and videos about your new location. You should also change your business address and other crucial business information for your customers to know and reach you easily.


Host a Grand Opening Event

To remind your clients you are in a new location, host a grand opening event and invite them. Consider putting up a press release in local news venues and social media to publicize the event and stir up excitement with both your current and potential clients. Even if your business doesn't serve customers at business premises, opening celebrations help show off the new facilities, services, and products to your clients. It also brings your customers face to face with your team, so they get their queries answered. 


Look for New Customers

Even with a well-planned and executed shift strategy, it is possible to lose some of the clients who may not be happy about the changes. To prevent this damage, put strategies to find new customers in your new location. The good news is that each new space presents opportunities to access customers who have not previously connected with you. Having new, more accessible spaces like those offered by Quest Workspaces can attract potential customers looking for a company like yours.


Quest Workspaces Provides Exceptional Coworking Spaces

Deciding to move your company to a coworking space can be a risky and complicated process. However, the benefits that coworking spaces offer to a business are worth the risk. A poorly executed relocation can trigger problems for an organization, from staff attrition and loss of productivity to clients. To avoid these problems, plan and execute an effective move strategy that creates a lot of hype while assuring every stakeholder their interests are safeguarded.



At Quest Workspaces, we will go out of the way to help you move and adjust in our modern, best-in-class coworking spaces. To make a move easier on you, our office move experts will be at hand to guide your relocation and provide all the necessary support. 

Contact us today to learn more.


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