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Quest WorkspacesOct 28, 2019 11:20:37 AM3 min read

Working Remotely: How To Limit Screen Time

="Plantation Conference RoomWorking remotely means a lot of time spent on the computer. On average, people spend at least 8.5 hours a day on their computer for work. Did you know that spending this much time looking at a screen can actually cause short-term and life-long eye damage? If you’re someone who utilizes our coworking spaces (or just someone who works from their computer a lot), it’s important to know the variety of ways that you can limit your screen time. Additionally, you should know other ways to protect your vision from blue light when a computer is required to do your job.

Take breaks from your computer

If you can’t limit your screen time by working less hours during the day, then be sure to take frequent breaks from your computer. Here are some great ways to rest your eyes or reasons to step away from your screen:

  • The 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break to look 20 feet away from where you’re sitting to give your eyes the frequent breaks they need.
  • Cover your eyes: Simply covering your open eyes lightly with the palm of your hands and allowing them to adjust to the darkness for about a minute can help reduce strain.
  • Get up from your desk: At least once an hour, get away from your workspace by going for a bathroom break, to fill your water bottle, or to get a snack. These few minutes away from your desk will allow your eyes to readjust to the natural light in the room.

Embrace the space

Coworking spaces are meant to support the needs of the various people that come into the office to work. Take advantage of the amenities the workspace has to offer, whether it’s a cafe or a private nap room, as these are meant to be utilized! When you take breaks, you can keep your productivity high, especially when it comes to screen time. Over time, your screen can cause headaches and eye strain, so be sure to use the space you’re a member of to feel your best throughout the workday! 

Know how to protect yourself

There are ways you can protect yourself from the dangers of blue light in addition to taking the necessary breaks. Nowadays, there are apps, accessories, and other tips to keep top of mind due to the amount of people that suffer the symptoms of computer use. 

  • Blue light glasses: Blue light glasses can help prevent headaches and eye issues stemming from using a computer for hours. The lenses filter some of the high-energy light from reaching your eyes and causing lifelong vision problems.
  • Computer apps: Apps that adjust the light of your screen to match the room you are in can help reduce the strain on your eyes. So, if you’re working at night in a dim-lit room, your computer will have a dim, warm color to it.
  • Eat the right foods: Foods that are high in lutein and zeaxanthin can help you naturally block blue light. Green foods like kale, spinach, and broccoli are great additions to your diet to get these vital nutrients. 

In addition to time spent on computers or TVs for personal use, working on your computer can cause serious eye issues as a result of of blue light. It’s extremely important for remote workers to know when and how to limit screen time to stay healthy and productive on the job. 

From taking frequent breaks to avoiding blue light’s harmful side effects, remote workers should be aware of how to take control of health during work hours.


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