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Quest WorkspacesNov 16, 2022 3:51:39 PM3 min read

Why Have Agile Sprint Planning Meetings In-Person In a Hybrid Office


If you are working in a hybrid office setting, you might be attracted to conducting quick virtual meetings frequently. We all know that face-to-face communication is best, but in today's business world, with employees working remotely and in different time zones, that's not always possible. When it comes to your agile sprint planning meetings, it's worth the effort to ensure everyone is in the same room. Below are the reasons why:



What Are Agile Sprint Meetings

Agile sprint meetings are brief, focused meetings in which team members discuss the status of specific tasks and projects. These meetings are usually held at the start and end of each sprint and allow team members to share information, and ask questions.

The agile sprint meeting is usually attended by the project manager and the entire team of staff. During the meeting, the team reviews the work completed during the sprint and identifies any issues or risks that need to be addressed. The team also sets goals for the next sprint and assigns tasks to individual team members.

The agile sprint meeting is a valuable opportunity for team members to communicate with each other and ensure everyone is on the same page. It is also a chance to identify any potential problems so that they can be addressed before they cause major issues.


Why Have Agile Sprint Planning Meetings In-Person

There are many benefits to holding sprint planning meetings in person. Five of the most significant include:


Ensure Complete Understanding and Participation

When agile sprint planning meetings are held in person, all team members can see and hear each other more clearly. This allows for a complete understanding of the sprint goals and objectives and allows for broader participation in the planning process. Additionally, team members can more easily ask questions and provide input when they are all in private offices.


Break Down Departmental Silos and Allow Better Long-Term Communication

When team members from different departments are brought together for agile sprint planning meetings, it can help break down the silos that can exist between departments. This can lead to better communication and collaboration between departments, improving the organization's overall effectiveness. If you are a virtual office where your employees work remotely exclusively, hiring a co-working space would help build relationships between team members that can last beyond the sprint planning meeting.


Allow for More Focused and Uninterrupted Sprint Planning

When agile sprint planning meetings are held in person, team members can more easily focus on the task at hand. There are fewer distractions when everyone is in the same room, and team members can more easily ask questions and get clarification when needed. You are also usually in an ideal location for everyone, far from possible distractions.


To Create a More Efficient Sprint Planning Process

It is more accessible and fast for team members to brainstorm and come up with ideas in an in-person meeting. Every team member is able to explain or even demonstrate their thoughts more efficiently in a physical setting than in a virtual one. This can lead to a more efficient sprint planning process, as team members can more quickly agree on the sprint goals and objectives. Team members can also quickly identify potential problems in their proceedings when they are all in the same room.


To Improve the Overall Quality of the Sprint Planning Meeting

You avoid many common technological issues in an in-person meeting, usually when your team isn't tech-savvy. This can lead to a more smooth and successful sprint planning meeting and improve the overall quality of the sprint planning process. Additionally, team members can provide more input and feedback when they are all in the same room, which can help improve the quality of the final sprint plan.


Planning Your In-Person Meeting With Quest Workspaces

If you can, get together with your team and get planning. There are plenty of benefits to meeting in an office workspace for agile sprint planning to ensure more efficient decision-making. Quest Workspaces can help you achieve that. 

We offer hospitality-driven co-working spaces to ensure your physical meeting is a success. With various meeting room sizes and configurations, we can accommodate any size team. Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology, and our on-site staff can assist with any technical needs.

We know that agile sprint planning can be challenging, but we also know that it's important to get everyone on the same page. That's why our meeting rooms are designed to facilitate collaboration and communication hence perfect for agile sprint planning meetings. Talk to us today to learn more about our office space on demand.