Volunteer Day: Zoo Miami

Volunteer Day: Zoo Miami

Team Members: Natalia Gonzalez & Francys Valdes volunteered at the Miami Zoo.

Tell us about your project

Natalia said, “Francys and I decided to celebrate our one-year work anniversary together by giving back to our community. So Francys reached out to Zoo Miami and asked if they needed any volunteers.”

Yvette, the volunteer events coordinator, gladly responded and asked us to join her. We happily assisted her testing out some of her equipment as she is also the Composting Operations Manager. Did you know that Zoo Miami is the only location that has its own compost making machine? Other local zoos do it manually! Which takes THREE TIMES AS LONG!

Why was this project important to you?

It was a pleasure working with Yvette and her staff. We are awaiting her email so she can give us her feedback on the work we did and for any further volunteer work she may need. I would like to encourage all of Quest to take advantage of their charity day. It is immensely rewarding and fulfilling. Get out there & give back to your community!

How did you contribute?

After Yvette gave us a quick behind the scenes tour, we immediately starting working on the project she gave us. Our job was to bring out and revise all the Halloween décor and make any adjustments or improvements we thought were necessary for their upcoming Halloween events.


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