Miami Conference Rooms: It’s All About the People

Miami Conference Rooms: It’s All About the People

So you need to book an important meeting in Miami. You’ll probably Google something like “Miami conference rooms”. And your brain will freeze as hundreds of providers of Miami conference rooms pop up on your phone or laptop. Woah. Now what?

Don’t leave all the work to Google.

When you’re booking a conference room for an important meeting you need to get as many things right as possible. So before you do that Google search, decide what you need. Here are some basics to look for:

  • Central downtown location close to main transportation routes
  • Attractive, well maintained building and offices
  • Front office staff
  • Large and smaller conference room sizes to accommodate any meeting size
  • Technology built out to high standards to support every potential need, including remote participants
  • Wide range of meal and snack options

These are just the basics. What really separates the great providers from the not-so-great ones are the people who run the front office. They can be fantastic. Or they can take points off your meeting before it has even started. People make the difference.  But not all space providers look at it that way. They’ll talk about their state of the art conference rooms, fine artwork on the walls, and designer furnishings. But they say little about the team that runs the whole show. By saying little, they may be speaking volumes.

Here’s what a good front office staff should do:

  • Look and act professional from their attire to their personal demeanor.
  • Be warm and personal, greeting the meeting participants and quickly acknowledge the scheduled conference, referencing your organization by name.
  • Provide unlimited complimentary water, coffee, tea and sodas. And they’ll check in every so often to make sure you have what you need.
  • Be prepared to provide breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner. They’ll have menus handy for all the local restaurants and be ready to take your orders. Or they’ll pre-plan it all for you.
  • Be on hand to make copies, adjust lighting or thermostat, and make sure the technology is working properly.
  • Make recommendations and reservations for local cocktails and dining after you meeting has ended.

Great people make you feel like you own the entire office space.

At Quest, our staff does all the above and more. Our stylish Miami conference rooms have spectacular views of the city, built out with all the latest technology to meet virtually any meeting need.

But that’s not typically what we talk about. We talk about our people. Because when it comes down to it, first impressions count. And, as you and your meeting participants come through the doors, our people will make your people feel as though you own the entire office space. That’s what separates a great staff from a good one.

Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and Google Miami conference rooms. After you whittle the list down to your top prospects, ask each of them why you should book their space for your big meeting. Our suggestion: pick the one who answers “Our people”.

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