Volunteer Day: Helping Kids with Style Saves

Volunteer Day: Helping Kids with Style Saves

Team Member: Vanessa Vega

Tell us about your project

I volunteered with Style Saves, a nonprofit that we provide office space to at 777 Brickell in Miami. Style Saves dressed over 600 needy children for their first day of school this year. Rachael Russell, founder of the organization, has put on a fashion show during Miami Beach Swim Week for the past four years at SoHo House, along with other fundraising events to raise money to buy clothes, uniforms, shoes and accessories for the big day. Not only do the children receive clothes, they also enjoy arts and crafts, free vision exams, and haircuts!

Why was this project important to you?

This project was important to me for many reasons. I love fashion. Your personal style says so much about the person you are and who you want to be. To be able to give these children the chance to feel confident on their first day back gives me so much joy.

How did you contribute?

I assisted other volunteers with setting up on Saturday morning. Bringing in tons of boxes, Tom’s donated 1,400 pairs of shoes for the event! We folded clothes and coordinated them by sizes and color in an effort to make it easier for the kids to “shop.” Once the children arrived, I helped them pick uniforms, figure out sizes, and coordinate outfits.

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