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Quest WorkspacesNov 1, 2014 5:00:00 AM1 min read

Volunteer Day: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Team Member: Liza Caballero
Tell us about your project

The American Cancer Society has been saving lives for over 100 years. They help nearly 500 people per day that would have otherwise died of cancer. They tirelessly help many communities and work to find cures to end this disease as soon as possible. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the largest network of breast cancer awareness events, includes supporters that are simply remarkable. Because of the money this organization raises, there will be more survivors celebrating birthdays with loved ones.

Why was this project important to you?

This project was important to me because breast cancer runs in my family. I have lost a number of family members due to last minute detection and poor reaction to late treatments. Because this is genetic, my mother, sisters, daughters and myself are screened more often than usual. Organizations such as this have made it possible for two of my aunts and six cousins to survive the disease. Awareness is vital andMaking Strides Against Breast Cancer does an amazing job spreading the news and providing services, support and assistance to those who need it most. It was an extremely humbling and rewarding experience for me to give back to this organization. The honor was all mine and I will keep assisting as long as I am able to.

How did you contribute?

We set up more than 15 tents, folding chairs and tables for sponsors. I helped prepare signage for road blocks, directions and with unloading of FedEx trucks that delivered 15,000 bottles of water, several thousand t-shirts and much more. It was like setting up for a party in the park, but for 20,000 people. I also assisted at the volunteer check-in booth, t-shirt give-away booth, and even served as a go-to person that directed vehicles to parking and communicated with local fire and police departments throughout the event. I kept wondering why people were asking me questions and then realized I had the word “COMMITTEE” on the back of my shirt!

It was wonderful to work alongside the American Cancer Society and the volunteers but it was AMAZING to work alongside the survivors. It was the most humbling and rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced.


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