Meeting Rooms: You Know You Need One When…

Meeting Rooms: You Know You Need One When…

Meetings are funny things.

A meeting can be as simple as “Let’s meet at the Starbuck’s on 22nd Street.”

But other times you need to have that kick-ass meeting, with video conferencing and a deck full of high-def infographics that show how amazing your business is.

Or, it can be somewhere in between.

That “somewhere in between” is where you can get really hung up. Because while you’re kicking back over that second cappuccino, telling your story, you are being watched, vetted and judged, with a thumbs up/thumbs down decision hovering in the background. But when that background is full of baristas doing the “cup song” or cell phone screamers, it can rub off on you negatively. And leave you wondering why you didn’t make a greater effort.

So when do meeting rooms make sense?

Here are some warning signs that you need to rent a meeting room from some of the Questers at Quest Workspaces, who know how to put a great meeting together.

When you need to get down to some serious collaboration: Meeting rooms kick everyone’s game up a notch. They provide you with the space to spread out and get some work done. No distractions. No excuses. You’ll be surprised at how much more you will achieve.

When you have more than one person to share your story with: You are selling your business and selling yourself. You don’t want to be competing for attention with a lot of unpredictable distractions and noises. Meeting rooms give you the privacy you deserve to share your unique story.

When you are meeting with a potential investor or donor: If ever there was a no-brainer. Taking the extra step to book a meeting room speaks volumes about the confidence you have in yourself and your business. There’s no guarantee you’ll get your funding. But you’ll know you did everything to tip the scales to your advantage.

This is not a budget-busting decision…

You don’t have to pay an arm and leg to get some great meeting space. Do your homework before you have the need. Identify meeting rooms available locally that have the necessary feature build outs. Go check them out personally. What’s the building like? Is the atmosphere alive with successful people? Find out how the rooms are priced. What do you need? What don’t you need?

Identifying the best meeting room fit for your business will make it easy to say “Let’s meet at my offices on Third Avenue.” That sentence alone speaks volumes about your business. Just be ready when that opportunity comes along.

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