Coworking vs. Home-working: Can it Make You More Successful?

Coworking vs. Home-working: Can it Make You More Successful?

“Yes!” was the word at the Global Coworking UnConference, or GCUG (pronounced “juicy”). GCUC is an annual event that, in a nutshell, explores the various “outside the box” ways we work today, with a focus, as you may have guessed, on coworking. There are always some interesting statistics shared and here’s one that caught our attention: 89% of over 700 coworkers across the country said that they were actually happier not working from their homes. Wait, what? That’s right. They prefer ditching the bunny slippers, tossing on their Toms, and catching some fresh air while they drive (or walk) to the nearby coworking space.

But that’s not all. 84% said they were more engaged and motivated working from a coworking space than from home. Makes sense in that it’s hard to get and stay motivated at the dining room table. And how exactly do you engage yourself?

But wait, one more stat. Over half (67%) said that coworking improved their professional success as well. So, if you’re one of those still working from the coffee table or jockeying for a table at Starbuck’s, you might want to stop and ask yourself; “How serious am I about building my business?” It might be time to check out a few local spaces. And get ready for a shock. You might find yourself more motivated, happier…and more successful!

Bunny slippers only take you so far.

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