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Quest WorkspacesApr 20, 2016 6:30:01 AM1 min read

3 Steps to Make Your Business BIG Overnight

Have you ever watched that old Tom Hanks movie “Big”? Remember how Zoltan, the fortune teller, transforms him from a little boy to an adult in about 3 seconds? Haha. Only in the movies, right?

Yes, and no. Between today’s technology and our ever-evolving office space industry, you might be surprised at how quickly a small business can grow big.

Take yours, for instance. If you are like thousands of other entrepreneurs across the country, you are probably a one or two-person operation, spending all your time tweaking your product while trying to get the word out that you are amazing and open for business. But here’s the problem. You’re the “little guy” no one takes seriously, passed over in favor of someone else who has more visibility, and appears “bigger” in the marketplace.

Let’s assume this makes sense and that you are ready to do something about it.

You’ve already nailed Step One. Congratulations.

Here’s Step Two: Get a virtual office.

Here’s why:

  • You can afford it. A Virtual Office (VO) is going to cost you about the daily price of a cappuccino or latte or your iced caramel macchiato with soy milk.
  • You will be taken seriously. Just like the kid in Big, you will appear more mature and a lot bigger than you are. A VO gives you an address in a real building in a great city. And a special phone number. So when people call you, they will get a live person who knows who you are and how to reach you.
  • There are other big benefits. For instance, access to meeting rooms (a table at Starbuck’s will only take you so far). Access to real office space, both coworking and private offices. And access to all the other things your VO provider should be able to offer you.

Step Three: Don’t pick any VO.

Do your homework. And we’re ready to help you with all the boxes you need to check to get the right VO for your business.