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Laura Kozelouzek Featured ON GCUC Podcast
Quest WorkspacesJan 30, 2023 11:27:42 AM1 min read


If #hybrid work, #coworking, #flexible workspace, #hybrid work, #doing deals and #commercial real estate are on your mind, then we invite you to listen to our CEO, Laura Kozelouzek, as she talks about all that and more with Liz Elman on her GCUC podcast.


During this content rich talk, Laura hits on topics including navigating Quest Workspaces through turbulent times, the power of leaving ego at the door, losing labels, and that incredible shift from looking for deals to deals coming to you.


Here are some sound bites we love:


“When you’ve been through a bunch of recessions, hurricanes, super storm Sandy, 9/11 – you learn. It’s like a muscle. Every business has its ups and downs, every industry has its ups and downs, everything always comes back to equilibrium. It’s not always going up and if you know that’s just a part of life, especially an entrepreneur, you roll with it.”


“Make sure your business is solid, make sure the fundamentals are right. You don’t want to go into a tough time struggling…Operate, as if. As if it could happen but don’t let it paralyze you.”


For more great content, click here to read the article and access the podcast.



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