How to Make Sure There's Always Enough Space in Your Hybrid Office

How to Make Sure There's Always Enough Space in Your Hybrid Office

How to Make Sure There's Always Enough Space in Your Hybrid Office


Undoubtedly, the hybrid office is the new workplace in the post-pandemic era. A recent survey reveals 44% of employees favor hybrid working arrangements, and 51% of employers support the hybrid work model. With more employees splitting their time between working from home and the office, there is a need to create a hybrid office space that enables them to be productive in both locations. Repurposing office space into a high-energy collaboration space can be one way to bring people together and help them work better. 



However, getting a hybrid work model right is not always easy. If not well-executed, a hybrid office can threaten culture, collaboration, and innovation. This blog focuses on tips to maximize available space in your hybrid space.


Go for Smaller Desks

Before you rearrange the office furniture, consider getting rid of big desks that unnecessarily take up too much space. In the current hybrid work model, everything is getting smaller in offices, which is why you should aim for small-scale furniture. Besides, we live in a digital era, meaning you keep everything on your computer, and a large office desk will take valuable space unnecessarily. Go for a smaller workstation with a couple of file cabinets and pencil drawers, to store more items and paperwork that would otherwise take valuable space. 


Get Rid of Clutter

Decluttering and defining your space can be an effective way to create enough workspace for your hybrid team. In a typical office environment, clutter keeps piling up thanks to new office supplies and documents coming in to replace older ones that never really leave the office. All this clutter will slow down your team not only physically but also mentally. De-cluttering will help create more space while elevating work quality and boosting efficiency. Here are a few tips to help you declutter your office space:

  • Establish an office flow: Create space for where similar things go, for example, areas for supplies, emergency items, and documents.
  • Use organization supplies such as boxes of different sizes: Segregate items neatly into different boxes to make it easier to find things such as papers, documents, and office supplies.
  • Hide the wires: Electronic wires that lie about can make a mess while taking valuable spaces. Organize all the wires creatively using alligator clips to get them flowing in a seamless direction.
  • Go paperless: Printed and handwritten documents take valuable space. Going paperless will not only free your workspace, but you will also be saving trees in the process. 

Provide Personal Storage for Each Workstation

Leverage drawer units or pedestals that typically have a small footprint while tucking under desks to save space. Mobile pedestals can also offer helpful storage that can be moved easily to create more space. Some pedestals have a cushion top, meaning they can also be used as secondary seating for quick discussions and collaboration within the workstation area. Go for narrow/skinny pedestals that save more space than lockable surface-mounted drawers.


Take Advantage of Wall Space

You can mount hutches and shelves on wall spaces for extra storage that save on floor space. Floating shelves can be an effective way to add storage space without sacrificing style. Hutches and shelves can take a substantial amount of items, including books, CPUs, and personal effects, thus helping you avoid clutter.


Create Zones in Your Workspace

If you have a small office, it is crucial to maintain a certain amount of privacy. Consider dividing your space into zones to organize your employees. Create two zones, one for group work and another for individual work. In the work zone designed for group work, put furniture like couches and longer tables that accommodate groups of three or more employees collaborating on projects. The individual work zone should be dedicated to fewer employees who need to work quietly on their computers. This space needs small desk space for placing laptops and few seats.


Make Your Monitor Mobile

Consider putting your monitor on an adjustable arm that allows you to move it out of your way whenever you need more workspace. Ideal adjustable arms adhere to the edge of your desk to ensure it doesn't get in the way of your work.


Consider Adding More Lighting

Sometimes all it takes to create a bigger office is the use of the right light fixtures. Your choice of lighting can dramatically affect the appearance of a small office. Dark colors and lighting can make rooms smaller, while brighter lights extend the office space. When choosing furniture, choose lightweight and pale-colored desks that reflect light over heavy and traditional desks.


Work With Professionals 

Today's designers are creating innovative furniture solutions to create space-efficient offices. Specifically, the designers at Quest Workspaces create designs that turn non-productive spaces into highly effective work areas. We offer flexible office space solutions that will enable you and your business to thrive in both worlds of hybrid workspace.



Our flexible office space solutions help your hybrid workers walk in and get down to business without any interruption.

Explore our flexible private office locations today and be sure to contact us for any clarifications about our solutions.  


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