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Quest WorkspacesFeb 24, 2020 11:37:54 AM2 min read

Expand Your Business to Florida with Office Spaces & Virtual Offices

The mid-Atlantic region is notorious for cold, wet, and blustery winters. While a long and chilly winter may be an integral part of where your geographic location, where is it written that we can’t enjoy the warmth of South Florida or even benefit from it business-wise?

At first consideration, you may think that work, family and limited funds will surely get in the way of this prospect. But, the reality is somewhat different. With a little planning, the use of versatile virtual office programs, this dream can become a reality!

The Facts Behind an Office Space in South Florida

South Florida is no longer a sleepy retirement destination. It is the home of a thriving economy with a strong international infusion of shakers and movers that make the region a great opportunity for business. With lower cost housing and real estate, businesses across the country are opening satellite offices from Tampa to Miami.

Flexible Office Space in Miami, Virtual Office programs on the prestigious Brickell Ave, and temporary offices that are fully furnished and staffed are popping up in abundance. This gives businesses a multitude of affordable options for expansion.

Tampa is the fastest growing city on the East Coast. Iconic buildings, like the Sykes Building, are home to vibrant Quest Workspaces centers, making it quick and easy for businesses to open a branch in Florida in the most desirable downtown locations, while also enjoying water views and the serenity of being in Florida.

Neighborhoods in the outskirts of Miami, like Coral Gables, are thriving. Flexible office space in Coral Gables is in high demand. Professionals can trade the commute into Miami for a stroll on pedestrian-only roadways, grab a coffee or do lunch al fresco in between meetings and conference calls. This hot professional mecca is becoming a hot bed for many industries, such as law firms and financial services companies, looking to expand their office space footprint into South Florida.

Finding office space in Miami and West Palm Beach just got easier! Quest Workspaces offers a multitude of furnished private offices and virtual office programs at various price points and flexible lease terms. Experts in helping northerners acclimate to their new work environment, Quest’s staff create networking opportunities weekly, matching businesses with clients while creating opportunities for companies to flourish. Perhaps the best of all, Quest Workspaces locations promote a healthy dose of vitamin D intake during your trips to Florida with exceptional outside workspaces and serene views.

Start small, plant a seed, and it will grow! Use a virtual office program to establish a presence in Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or Doral. Use a private office or meeting room when you are in Florida and have your calls and mail bounced to you while you are back in your home region. As your business grows, or your personal circumstances allow for more time in Florida, you’ll always have the option to convert to a private office of your own.

Accessibility to warmth in the winter is much easier than you thought! Skip wearing your hat and gloves one week per month and begin to expand your client base. A short trip and frequent flights to South Florida from the NY/NJ/CT-area airports makes it an ideal location to grow your business. Your Dream, Your Life, Your Quest!

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