5 Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Inclusion With Co-Working Spaces

5 Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Inclusion With Co-Working Spaces

5 Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Inclusion With Co-Working Spaces


Working from home is now the new normal across the globe. While remote work has its share of benefits, it has introduced new threats to workplace inclusivity and a sense of belongingness. With employees working from different locations, HRs are experiencing myriads of challenges creating and sustaining a sense of real community and fostering a homogenous cultural work experience. A practical solution to address inclusivity challenges in the remote and hybrid workplace is incorporating co-working spaces such as Quest Workspaces to encourage communication, foster collaboration, and boost a sense of community. This blog looks at the ways co-working spaces foster inclusivity and diversity.



What is workplace inclusion?

Workplace inclusion is the practice of treating all employees equally while providing the same level of access to workplace opportunities and resources to enable them to contribute fully to the organization's success. An inclusive workplace ensures every employee feels valued while also acknowledging their unique differences. Inclusive employers employ diverse teams that reflect the diversity of society. 

Diverse and inclusive workplaces gain more commitment and deeper trust from their employees. It also provides a greater sense of safety and belonging while enhancing conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

How in-person work arrangements in co-working spaces enhance workplace inclusion efforts.

A recent Gallup study reveals employees who frequently socialize at work are twice as likely to experience high satisfaction levels as those who rarely interact with others. Co-working spaces such as Quest Workspaces provide ideal environments for your employees to interact frequently, thereby fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity. The following are some ways co-working spaces contribute to a more inclusive work environment:


Enhance communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration are vital to building diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. In co-working spaces, co-workers can openly communicate and collaborate regardless of their experience or background. By design, co-working spaces encourage employees to interact more during work hours and when on break. These workplaces come with stipulations that foster open dialogues and healthy discussions, making it easy for employees from all walks of life to come together and share their skills.


Encourages a culture of mutual respect

One of the ways to encourage diversity and inclusivity in the workplace is by fostering a culture of mutual respect. Co-working spaces have a strict code of conduct that discourages workplace discrimination. Leading co-working spaces such as Quest Workspaces implement a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination and harassment. This helps create a culture that ensures people from all walks of life experience a sense of inclusivity and belongingness. Some co-working spaces also sponsor events to help employees learn more about certain cultures in an effort to encourage an open and respectful workplace culture.


Encourage non-traditional employment practices

Usually, workplace diversity and inclusivity are achieved by recruiting candidates from different backgrounds. However, small and medium-sized companies find this practice difficult to implement due to limited budgets. An effective way to combat this challenge is by encouraging non-traditional employment practices through co-working spaces. Co-working spaces incorporate practices such as telecommuting, flexible work schedules, and freelance work, which help companies hire from diverse backgrounds, thereby promoting inclusivity in the workplace.


Grows employee network

One of the biggest benefits of co-working is that it ensures employees constantly meet new people, thereby broadening their personal and professional network. Co-working environments encourage remote teams to get out of their house and make impactful connections with new people to share ideas and gain unique insights and perspectives into their backgrounds. In a nutshell, co-working spaces expose your employees to different work environments and cultural ethos to help them feel a sense of belongingness.


Host events to promote inclusivity

Workplace events are a healthy option to promote a sense of community and inclusiveness. Co-working spaces host regular events to encourage employees to interact and make new friends. Events such as cocktail hours, Happy Hours, lunch and learn, and sports and wellness groups have a lot of inclusive activities that create a culture of collaboration and idea-sharing.


Strengthen workplace inclusion with Co-working solutions from Quest Workspaces

The remote and hybrid workplace is here to stay, regardless of the niche or industry your organization falls under. With more employees embracing remote working, organizations need to implement policies that promote diversity and inclusivity to guarantee a healthy working environment. An effective way to actualize these policies is by partnering with co-working spaces such as Quest Workspaces that give your team a chance to collaborate and interact with people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds.


At Quest Workspaces, we provide co-working solutions designed to break down social barriers and make your organization a more inclusive place to work.

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