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Quest WorkspacesJan 18, 2023 1:12:04 PM4 min read

3 Stats That Prove the Value of Hospitality-Driven Co-Working Spaces

The coworking, flexible and private workspace trend have become commonplace today as more and more employees prefer remote work over the daily commute to traditional brick-and-mortar offices. Recent industry data reveals the number of coworking spaces stands at a whopping 20,000 today and is projected to cross over 40,000 by 2024



For many remote workers, coworking spaces solve the many challenges of working from noisy coffee shops and isolated kitchen tables. Specifically, hospitality-driven coworking spaces such as Quest Workspaces provide extra perks that ensure increased productivity, better job satisfaction, enhanced collaboration, and improved work-life balance. This blog offers four statistics to prove the value of hospitality-driven coworking space.


What is a hospitality-driven coworking space?

A hospitality-driven coworking space is a shared office space that integrates hospitality-led services and amenities into the workplace. These shared workspaces take a cue from hospitality by viewing employees as valued guests and not just members. Hospitality-driven coworking spaces such as Quest Workspace focus on the employee experience in relation to service, convenience, comfort, and technology. The hospitality perks available in such workspaces include:

  • Complimentary healthy snacks, coffee, and meals
  • Wellness and relaxation rooms
  • Fitness studios, concierge services
  • Housekeeping
  • laundry
  • Reception and administrative tasks
  • Events and training opportunities and more.


Three statistics that prove the value of hospitality-driven coworking space

Hospitality-driven coworking spaces provide various amenities that elevate the workspace and create a bespoke experience. The following are three benefits of hospitality-driven coworking spaces:


Workplace productivity

An International Labor Organization study shows employees who eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day boost productivity by 20%.

The whole office snacks and meals in hospitality-driven coworking spaces can increase employee focus and productivity. When food is provided for employees, they find it easier to focus on a given task right up to when lunch is served. With an average off-site lunch taking as much as one hour, the meals provided in coworking spaces help employees save a lot of commute time they would have used during coffee and lunch breaks. A Cornell University study found that employees who share communal lunches tend to have higher productivity and morale. In essence, eating with colleagues help workforces forge stronger relationships and increases engagement, inclusiveness, and team morale. Coworking spaces encourage employees to eat together, interact, and build a strong camaraderie that benefits workplace productivity.


Employee retention

A recent study reveals 67% of employees with access to free food say they are extremely happy with their current job. Employee turnover is a scary reality for many employees and as the race for talent gets more brutal, reducing internal churn is a priority for many managers. In an era where employees value intangible benefits highly, the free snacks and meals offered in hospitality-driven coworking spaces can help employers tackle the growing retention problem. Companies that offer complimentary snacks and healthy food options have happier employees who are satisfied with their jobs. Apart from nourishing employees, the free meals provided in coworking spaces create an environment where employees feel their employers are supportive and mindful of their welfare. 


Work-life balance and reduces absenteeism

Research shows 91% of employees say they need casual spaces to re-energize at work. For employees struggling with mental health and difficulties in their personal lives, having a casual space in the office to be alone can be extremely helpful. The wellness and relaxation rooms available in hospitality-driven coworking spaces provide a space for employees to take care of themselves and their needs. Ideally, wellness rooms are designed to provide a private and conducive environment where employees can escape if they feel unwell, anxious, or stressed or if a nursing mom needs to pump. These spaces provide a vital break from colleagues in the open spaces of a shared office. A wellness room in shared offices may also have exercise equipment, meditation rooms, comfortable seating for those looking to take a power nap, and a fridge for bottled water or sports drinks for workers feeling dehydrated. Employers who provide spaces where employees can take care of themselves and their needs benefit from reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and better retention rates.


Quest Workspaces help boost employee productivity and retention rates 

Today, employee expectations for office amenities and services have shifted drastically. They expect an office space that offers the flexibility and experiences that boost their well-being, productivity, and collaboration at work. A hospitality-driven coworking space provides several benefits and perks that employees working from home offices, coffee shops, and traditional office settings often miss. 

At Quest Workspaces, we offer tailor-made hospitality-led services and amenities designed with modern employees' needs in mind. Our workspaces incorporate top-notch amenities, including in-house cafes, relaxation rooms, wellness and exercise programs, workshops, social clubs, and events. Contact us today to tour a location near you.

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