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Quest WorkspacesOct 29, 2018 9:00:41 PM2 min read

Why Your Company Should Invest in Face-to-face Meetings

Businesses and employees do almost everything virtually these days. Advances in messaging and video software have led more than 40 percent of Americans to work remotely, and businesses with thousands of employees are trading in their physical flagships for virtual offices.

For all these advances, however, nothing can compare to face-to-face meetings. Dependence on screen-to-screen communication has removed a level of intimacy that only comes with in-person interactions.

Nothing can replace the effects of sitting and talking to a colleague at the same table. New relationships are built over casual conversations and a handshake — and it all starts with having the proper conference room venue.

The Power of In-person Interactions

Spending time together in a shared space is crucial for existing colleagues and potential business partners. People recognize and interpret emotions through their expressions, after all.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that face-to-face requests are 34 times more successful than emailed ones. Other advantages of in-person office communication include:

  • There is a lower chance of miscommunication
  • They feel more intimate than email exchanges
  • It is easier to build rapport between attendees of the meeting
  • People can more accurately gauge a person’s emotions, desires, and hesitations
  • It is more efficient than the back-and-forth communication associated with emails

Executives Prefer Face-to-Face Meetings to Virtual Contact

In-person meetings are a proven strategy that brings employees together and drives business growth. A study from Forbes Insights shows that 8 out of 10 prefer in-person meetings over technology-enabled ones because they allow for the following:

Seeing the full picture. Communication by phone, text, or email leaves room for misinterpretation. Reading a person’s expressions is just as important as a written exchange.

Out-of-the-box team building. Building a loyal team depends on creating an environment where employees can connect. This connection builds synergy and relationships for better teamwork.

Team inspiration. Gathering a team in person makes it easier to inspire employees. A face-to-face strategy allows businesses to encourage employees to do better and achieve greater overall success.

Greater employee happiness. Using technology as the primary method for communication breeds social isolation. Talking and being together in person allows the body to release a hormone called oxytocin, which creates an overall feeling of happiness.

Making Meetings Matter

Holding a successful meeting lies in creating an experience that will make attendees feel welcome and engaged. Make your next meeting count with these tips:

  • Provide the agenda of the meeting. Discuss the main objectives and ask your prospects questions. This makes them feel like your audience and more like a partner.
  • Make sure you’re not dominating the conversation. Letting them talk will keep them engaged and make the meeting feel more like a conversation.
  • Take down notes. This shows that you value the opinions of your prospects.
  • React to comments by nodding and smiling. You would not want to be remembered for being cold and unfriendly; positive reactions can make employees feel gratified.

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