Why Recruiters Love Brickell Downtown Miami Office Space

Why Recruiters Love Brickell Downtown Miami Office Space

Miami is known as the gateway to Latin America, and the Brickell Arch is a symbol of this. It is the recruiting industry, a profession that thrives upon its ability to bridge the gap between companies in need of talent and the skilled professionals they seek. The landmark Espirito Santo building is home to Quest’s downtown Miami office space at 1395 Brickell Avenue. We’ll discuss the benefits of being in Brickell’s Class A office space for recruiting firms as well as hear one recruiter’s take on what it takes to be successful in the Miami recruiting market.

With competition for talent at heights loftier than before — and new competition emerging every day — how do top recruiters get it done? Success as a recruiter stems from various skills: the ability to find talent, sell the candidate to the subject company and vice versa, and lastly the ability to close the negotiation in a timely fashion.

Finding talent in downtown Miami office space

Recruiters have their ways of attracting talent to them. Some take an active stance and attend networking events or join the local Chamber of Commerce. Others prefer to strategically locate in the middle of the talent pool so that they can be in the thick of things and interact with talent passively. Here, it’s important to note that the ability to enlist other people to refer you qualified candidates is key. Being located in Miami’s financial center provides access to the top talent. According to the Miami Herald, the average salary in the finance sector in Miami is $105,583 (Beyer, 2016)

It’s clear that there is a goldmine of talent milling around, but how do you get access to it? At Quest Workspaces, for example, the front desk staff act as matchmakers. When they see a company in need of talent, they’re quick to refer to a Quester recruiter in the same center or even another in any of our 9 locations nationwide. Good recruiters see the point of being connected to people who are centers of influence and positioned to refer them great opportunities.

Mariangeluz Briceno (“Mari”) is the 1395 Brickell Center Manager in our downtown Miami office space. Says Mari, “I love Quest because we are one big family. It doesn’t matter which position we have – we all work to help our fellow Questers!” She is our smiling center manager — motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to helping Quest clients succeed!

It’s not all about Mari, though. As we’ve said before in other blogs, our center manager is the quarterback who guides the Quest team, executing the strategic vision of the team and managing the flow of activity from tip off to completion.  Mari coordinates all the functions, but it is her support team who coordinate networking functions to encourage interconnectedness among Questers, directs operations personnel at the center to deliver the highest level of support, and follows up with Questers to ensure that the service was delivered satisfactorily.

Getting Things Done Quickly

As the saying goes, time is the enemy of the sales process. If you want to get deals done, timing is everything.

The best recruiters work quickly and get deals done by creating a sense of urgency. There’s no better way to overcome inertia than to inspire a candidate or client firm with a motivating office space that shows your success. Plus, the convenience of being located at 1395 Brickell, a centrally located building in the heart of Miami’s financial district will speed up the process immensely.

Recruiters may not realize all the time benefits that being at 1395 Brickell downtown Miami office space provides. Nearby to the Conrad Miami, you’ll be able to get your shopping done on the way to or from work. Or, if you want to stop by for a spa treatment, use the CrossFit Vide Brickell fitness center, or meet a client for a tennis match, you can do that, too. The Conrad provides an inspiring place to take clients for a quick lunch or dinner meeting as well.

Valet parking and a covered parking garage are available for meeting visitors who travel by car. But if they’re traveling by public transportation, you’ll be glad to find the Metrorail and Tri-county rail system directly across the street! Brickell Bank is located nearby as well for those times when you have to make a mad dash for cash on lunch break.

A Killer Brand

With the internet explosion, there’s no shortage of opportunity for job seekers nowadays. With LinkedIn rolling out new and improved ways to contact qualified candidates (and other job board services doing the same), headhunters should headhunt and not be invisible drones in front of a screen as talent is in short supply. How do you distinguish yourself from others?

Your company’s brand encompasses everything about you, from your business cards to where your office is located. As far as office space goes, for reasons of confidentiality recruiters are less likely to go for open plan coworking space. A better match is likely an enclosed private office which would offer more privacy.

Miami is the hub for Latin America and Brickell Avenue is its Wall Street! Having an address in a prestigious building delivers a certain image. It says something about the quality of your operation. Moreover, when people visit a luxurious office space they get a feeling that you’re successful. These experiences may be enough to swing the decision in your favor.

Branding isn’t just your business card. It’s how consumers experience you on a one to one basis. As many recruiters in Miami work with Latin American clientele, certain interpersonal elements make a recruiter more attractive to a LatAm firm. Aside from knowledge of the market, being familiar with the culture is an advantage, according to Alan Goldstein of Avior Search, an international wealth management search firm with a foothold in LatAm.

When it comes to culture, the little things make the difference. Alan says, “When I walk into an office in a Latin American company, they offer me espresso, not American coffee.” Alan also visits clients’ headquarters in their home country. According to Alan, the Latin American business environment tends to be friendlier and more open, less cutthroat and more collegial. The culture impacts everything, from the mannerisms that they use to how they decorate their offices. For recruiters working with Latin American firms, your branding should cater to culture.

Recruiters, what’s your take on downtown Miami office space? Comment below.


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