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Top 4 Myths of Coworking Spaces in 2024
Quest WorkspacesDec 27, 2023 1:48:06 PM3 min read

Top 4 Myths of Coworking Spaces in 2024

There is no one definition for coworking. Broadly speaking, co-working is when different professionals work out of a communal space. There may be individuals who own their own businesses, small teams, large companies, or a couple of local coworkers, all in the same coworking space. As the concept of coworking is so vague and means different things to different people, there are many myths and misunderstandings on what coworking is. Whether you're considering coworking for the first time or revisiting it, below we uncover some common myths;

Myth 1: Coworking Spaces Are Simply Office Spaces

Conventional / traditional office spaces are primarily oriented toward efficient work, and they focus on space efficiency with tightly packed cubicles, private office spaces wrapped around the outer perimeter of the floors, and only a couple of spaces on the ground floor for coffee shops or meals. Coworking spaces by comparison focus around productivity by: 

  • Offering a wide range of work environments, from communal office workspaces to meeting rooms and private offices
  • Creating areas to collaborate, communicate, and network.
  • Providing coffee, snacks, restaurants, and other hospitality resources that integrate better with the workspaces.

In fact, some coworking spaces double as event centers or party spaces.

Myth 2: Coworking Spaces and Shared Office Spaces Are the Same Thing

Many people describe coworking spaces as semi-public spaces where different people can come in, do work, and leave. But that falls more in the category of shared office spaces than coworking spaces. Well-run coworking spaces offer a sense of community through networking opportunities, a focus on collaborative interactions and support, and membership. You'll find avenues for building a professional network, community-oriented events, and in-building resources that change over time to meet the needs of members. Shared office spaces, on the other hand, allow strangers to simply work near each other and save on office lease costs.


Myth 3: You Can't Use Hybrid Office Spaces for Private Meetings

If you've never been in a coworking space, you might imagine them as rather one-note spaces. They have long desks where you can claim a bit of real estate and plug in your laptop or a tiny private office. But today's coworking spaces have a wide range of different setups in order to serve an equally wide range of applications. Depending on the office you choose, you might find:

  • Quiet rooms where multiple people can work alone or together in near-silence.
  • Louder public spaces for chatting, interaction, and working when you don't mind the noise.
  • Meeting rooms and conference rooms for teams to meet or work together.
  • Smaller meeting rooms for meeting with clients (especially if you generally work from home or in an office further from downtown areas)
  • Outdoor work and social spaces.

Hybrid offices are carefully designed to meet the needs of any type of business, whether you do solo work, client-facing operations, or management work over a large team.


Myth 4: Return-to-Work Means the Time for Coworking Spaces Is Over

Most 2023 headlines have been dominated by the return to work. However, for many organizations, that doesn't mean returning to conventional office spaces for the default 9-to-5. Instead, it means breaking down the barriers still lingering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote teams, solopreneurs, and small businesses can return to work in coworking spaces by:

  • Scheduling in-person slots, such as mornings in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays or afternoons in the office all workweek long.
  • Having space for in-person meetings, both internal and client-facing.
  • Taking a more regimented and consistent approach to when work gets done and where people are.

Coworking spaces facilitate any type of work schedule so your management and operations teams can forecast and measure production.


Start 2024 With Access to a Hospitality-Driven Coworking Space

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