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Quest WorkspacesJan 5, 2024 2:35:04 PM3 min read

4 Ways to Get Work Done When You're Away from Home

Despite return-to-work trends, a lot of professionals work at home or on the go. Nearly 13% of employees work outside the office at all times, and over 28% follow a hybrid model. Even workers who primarily go into the office may travel, have appointments, or work outside the office. But when you don't have a perfectly organized at-home office setup or you're traveling, what are your options for getting work done?

Planning out your work vacation and considering different potential work spots can make it easier to stay productive. Consider these four popular options to find the perfect fit.


1. Find a Coffee Shop

A pre-pandemic classic, many professionals swing by a coffee shop to squeeze in a few hours of work. The vast majority of coffee shops now offer free wi-fi and have enough sockets scattered around the dining room to power laptops. But there are several disadvantages to consider, including:

  • Noise: If you have meetings or client calls, a coffee shop may be too noisy. Between other visitors chatting and baristas calling out orders, all the background noise can be unprofessional.
  • Hustle and bustle: Depending on your location, coffee shops can be incredibly crowded. You might not have room to settle in at a table or a counter.
  • Comfort: Hard-backed chairs and stools aren't meant for an eight-hour workday. And when you constantly have to guard your belongings (and your spot), you can't even take a quick walking break.

Coffee shops can be a good option if you need to work for a short bit of time on your laptop or you're casually meeting a contact. But their value quickly evaporates.


2. Spend the Day in Your Hotel Room

When you're traveling, your hotel may have a few options for you to fit in work. Most hotel rooms offer a desk, and the hotel may have a business center with a few desks and a printer. But these environments are often dreary and dull. Staying shut up in your hotel room all day isn't fun, and it can feel incredibly isolating. Even hotel business centers can be lonely. You can make do with these resources if you have a sudden work emergency, but they aren't a good option for day-to-day work while traveling.


3. Try to Work on Your Phone

Many of your tasks are entirely virtual: answering emails, taking calls, checking on project statuses... With today's apps, you can do most of your work on your phone. But, as tempting and convenient as it is, there are also some downsides to consider:

  • Low Speed: Work slows down when you're doing it on the phone. You can only have one thing up at a time, and typing is much slower. You're also more likely to have typos or send unprofessional messages just because of the limitations of the screen.
  • Tech Limitations: Most work platforms are simply worse in their mobile app versions. They may be slow, have fewer options, or simply be organized differently. Some programs also force you to download the app and block the desktop version.
  • Distractions: While you can check in on things and message coworkers on your phone, phones simply aren't built for long periods of focused work.

When you're traveling, doing a bit of work on your phone can help ensure you aren't a bottleneck in work processes or falling behind. But it's not a complete solution.


4. Get a Day Pass to Quest Workspaces

Executives, solopreneurs, and traveling professionals can get all the amenities they're used to in the right coworking space. Hybrid offices are built for professionals who need private offices, meeting rooms, or communal office workspace where they can get work done without feeling shut in. You can bring your laptop or bring all your gear for a complete work setup and experiment with how it feels to use office space on demand. 

At Quest Workspaces, we offer hospitality-driven coworking spaces, where you can work alone, meet clients, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, and network with other working professionals. Trying the experience with a day pass gives you the chance to explore the idea of a coworking space as a regular fixture in how you do work.

Curious about how a Quest workspace can give you everything you need to get work done when you're away from the office? Find one of our local spaces in South Florida or New York City, and reach out to learn more about the amenities we offer.


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