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Quest WorkspacesMar 20, 2017 11:17:07 AM2 min read

Tech Syzygy at Quest’s Miami Shared Workspace

In the fast-paced business world, he or she who gets there first has a distinct advantage. As it is Quest’s mission to give you the freedom to work the want you want, we acknowledge that technology plays a key part in business performance. Here are three ways that our Miami shared workspace is utilizing the latest innovations to deliver highest impact service to clients that enables them to grow their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Team Interconnectedness

If we could travel at the speed of light to serve our clients, we would. But as we realize this isn’t possible as mere mortals, we resort to Microsoft Lync. Quest’s center managers and operations teams are one cohesive unit because of how they leverage interoffice chat. Interoffice chat allows the Quest team to multitask, responding to chat inquiries while on the phone or a conference call. We can solve problems from our desk without having to gather in a meeting room or even pick up the phone. Instant messaging gets it done even quicker than email. This is how we ensure that our Miami shared workspace clients never have to wait a second longer than absolutely necessary.

Vendor Interconnectedness

Our interconnectedness at our Miami shared workspace doesn’t stop with Quest team members.  We request that our vendors utilize the same MS Lync system as employees. Communicating as quickly as possible with these experts allows us to resolve inquiries as quickly as possible. We realize that the better we take care of us, the better we take care of you. Whether it’s scheduling the cleaning service an hour later so that you can use our meeting room for that important deal closing, or making sure that our catering company delivers lunch to you and your guests on time, a two minute delay is two minutes too long. We get any and all third parties on board with our mission of quick, effective service using instant messaging.

Network Flexibility within Miami Shared Workspace

Every Quest center has a network that Questers can plug in to and be up and running immediately on our shared network. For example, if a Quester has a virtual office in our Miami shared workspace and visits once a month to host a presentation in a meeting room, the shared network would be probably be the right choice. As we realize that some clients may have more stringent security requirements, we offer the flexibility to participate in a separate network.[1] Some Questers prefer to be segregated logically, meaning that they still use Quest’s equipment but have a different configuration.  Others prefer physical separation, whereby the Quester brings its own  routers, switches, and even Internet carriers such as AT&T or Level 3.  In the latter case, the Quester is totally segregated from the Quest network. Many clients in our Miami shared workspace who must retain highly sensitive information, such as law, finance, and healthcare firms, may choose this option.

In our Miami shared workspace, as well as our eight other centers, we are a service culture. The level of attention that our clients get at Quest is hard to beat anywhere else. We deliver service the liberates you to work the way you want not only through technology but in everything else that touches our clients. For more information, email

[1] Additional charges apply.


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