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Quest WorkspacesSep 8, 2014 2:27:55 PM< 1 min read

Quest Cares – Volunteer Day

There are a whole slew of ingredients that go into making a successful business. Understanding your clients’ needs and anticipating services or products that are designed to fully empower their day-to-day operations is a big part of the equation.

But, what makes any business a truly successful endeavor? At Quest Workspaces, we believe that enrichment of the communities, where we serve, is a huge part of being a socially responsible business. Fully committing to this concept is what separates great businesses from good businesses.

To inspire this social activism, we’ve launched Volunteer Day, a program that encourages community involvement amongst fellow Quest team members and Questers (our clients.) Team members receive a “floating” holiday that they can redeem for a day of volunteering at a community function or philanthropic endeavor of their choice. Our team members are also encouraged to use Quest Workspaces as a resource to solicit donations and help raise awareness to worthwhile causes

To kick off our Volunteer Day campaign, we’re happy to introduce center manger Vanessa Vega’s wonderful and fulfilling experience with Style Saves. Read about her experience here.


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