Quest Cares for Non-Profit: Join in The Giving

Quest Cares for Non-Profit: Join in The Giving

Quest Cares for Non-Profit: Join in The Giving

Quest Workspaces is welcoming the holiday season by donating $5,000 to ten different local non-profits, personally selected by our center teams. In addition, donations to these organizations are also being provided by our community of Questers.



"We are really happy to be doing this. At Quest, we strongly believe holidays are about sharing, caring, and spreading the joy—not just for your family and friends, but for others too. Our goal is to enrich the lives of as many people as possible this holiday season, transforming our communities into more caring and happier places. We encourage you to join us in giving back this year, and we wish you a happy and safe holiday season." said Quest Workspaces' president Laura Kozelouzek.

Quest Workspaces is looking forward to fulfilling a goal of giving these non-profit organizations in local markets. "If we exceed our goal, it will be great. We know several people have faced myriads of challenges this year amid the pandemic, and we are really pushing towards meeting our goal and helping others this holiday season," said Quest COO Nancie Dudash. 


Some of the selected non-profit organizations set to benefit from these donations include:

  • HOPE South Florida 
  • Lotus House 
  • Metropolitan Ministries Tampa
  • Backpacks for the Streets
  • Voices for Children of Broward County
  • Nicholas Children Hospital- St Jude Children Research Hospital
  • Hearts In Mind Inc
  • Toys for Tots 

Why Giving Back During the Holidays Is Important

For most people, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, marked by bountiful gifts and presents. However, not everyone in our communities is celebrating. For someone with no home or little access to food and other necessities, the holidays can be stressful. Therefore, we need to think about those who don't have the means to celebrate the holidays. The following are a few reasons for giving during this holiday season:


Activates a Sense of Reward and Well Being

Studies demonstrate giving back to others triggers a pleasurable response in our brains. This response is similar to that produced by other pleasurable stimuli, including psychotropic drugs. In a nutshell, gifting helps release hormones such as dopamine or endorphins that create a pleasurable sense of reward and well-being.


Enhances Life Satisfaction

Giving to others also triggers the release of oxytocin hormones that induce feelings of euphoria, warmth, and connection with others. It also promotes a sense of gratitude in the giver. Studies have demonstrated people who give often experience a higher life satisfaction than those who rarely do.


Increases the Level of Happiness

Another study conducted in the US reveals people who give often report more happiness, joy, and general contentment in life than those who don't. When you donate your time, money, or gifts to a person in need in your community, strong feelings of well-being and satisfaction are generated, which ultimately leads to more happiness.


Giving Is Contagious

The simple act of giving can inspire others to do so. A chain of reactions that starts with a single person can spread generosity throughout the entire community. This can be a great way to turn a community into a happy, more caring, and loving family. There is also great satisfaction knowing a single act of kindness has spread and transformed the community for the better.


Reduces Stress and Improves Your Health

new study by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee on the act of giving reveals habitual givers report lower rates of stress and blood pressure. Giving can also help reduce certain symptoms of depression and anxiety. More importantly, generosity has been shown to increase the human lifespan. Perhaps you can add several weeks, months, or even years by joining Quest Workspaces in giving this holiday season.


Join Quest Workspaces and Donate a Gift This Holiday

For over ten years now, Quest Workspaces has provided businesses and organizations in Florida and New York City with exceptional office solutions that motivate, energize, and inspire teams to succeed in their roles. Whether you need distinctive private offices that elevate your business or well-being or shared office spaces that inspire collaboration, Quest Workspaces has you covered. We provide unmatched concierge services encompassing technology solutions, remote office support, virtual office packages, and conference room services.



At Quest Workspaces, we strongly believe the holiday season is the time to reflect on the good things we have and why we need to spread them as far as we can. Giving brings fulfillment to the deepest part of your soul, so why not join us in contributing this holiday? 

Contact us today to learn about how you can make your contribution.

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