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Quest WorkspacesApr 3, 2017 9:56:51 AM2 min read

Living La Vida Loca in Coworking Miami Digital Health Scene

With the stock market showing tepid returns year to date and the search for alpha thwarted by lackluster returns that fail to overcome much more than the cost of inflation, there is one diamond in the rough. Digital health startups have been the darling of the private equity world, capturing investor appetite and winning funding mandates. Here’s the deal behind the coworking Miami scene where digital health has stolen the throne.

The Digital Health Explosion in Coworking Miami

Given the political backdrop of the time it’s obvious why digital health has come to dominate the coworking Miami scene. There’s a litany of healthcare problems for a clever startup to fix. Consumers aren’t happy with high drug prices, and politicians don’t want to moon the giant by harming the profitability of big pharma companies. Consumers aren’t happy with high healthcare premiums, and the government is buckling under the billions of debt that healthcare reform has created. Medicare reform is on the agenda but reaching a solution would mean that Paul Ryan and President Trump would have to agree on something – we’re not holding our breath for that one! Add to that the aging population, medically complex bundled patient care models that healthcare providers are being forced to become a part of but don’t know how to deal with, and a 21st Century Cures Act that may or may not come to fruition. To say that healthcare reform has created the perfect opportunity for creative problem solvers is an understatement. Those who master the game of optimizing outcomes for a world full of pain will profit handsomely, well beyond the cost of private office pricing and other startup fees. La vida isn’t loca in coworking Miami– it’s ripe for the profit worthy healthcare entrepreneur in South Florida.

Inspiring Genius in Coworking Miami

Quest Workspaces is the city of Miami’s best resource for any digital health startup that wants to take advantage of these opportunities. Quest sees itself as more than an office space provider; it offers the best service in the industry so that its clients can have the power to grow their business without having to worry about any of the day to day office tasks that inevitably present themselves. For those companies who wish to dominate the coworking Miami digital health scene, Quest acts as an extension of their business. For example, when a client has a meeting scheduled, Quest asks how the guests should be announced when they arrive. It’s such attention to detail that enables clients to work the way they want, be seen the way they want, and maintain the right image, brand, and individual personality within a shared office environment. Through networking and community engagement events, Quest connects one Quester to another to promote new relationships that are mutually beneficial. Quest’s private office pricing isn’t the lowest on the scale but when you consider the value you’re getting, it far outweighs the cost of time spent and opportunity lost by not having the right team behind you.

If you’re one of the many digital health startups out there ready to take the plunge into coworking Miami, email info@questworkspaces and ask about our virtual offices, meeting rooms, coworking, and private office pricing options for our 1395 Brickell or 777 Brickell shared office space.