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Quest WorkspacesNov 7, 2023 1:17:56 PM4 min read

How to Compete Against WFH Positions and Benefits

With studies revealing a whopping 72% of workers prefer working from home, office-based companies may find it challenging to compete with other businesses in their industry offering completely virtual and WFH positions. To emerge victorious in these changing times, many businesses are opting to offer some degree of flexibility through a hybrid work model that allows employees to work remotely on certain days.  



However, although hybrid is a sweet spot, maintaining a productive and secure technology infrastructure that supports both in-office and remote work can be costly and complex for many small and medium businesses. That is where flex-spaces such as Quest Workspaces come in. With flex spaces, your employees can work remotely from home most days and attend company meetings every one or two weeks in a private meeting room located in a coworking space near you. This blog discusses ways you can compete effectively against WFH positions and benefits and how coworking spaces can help.  


Offer more flexibility 

In today's competitive job market, where employees value work-life balance and adaptability, flexible work arrangements have become a powerful recruiting and retention tool. According to a recent study, 76% of Millennial's, 69% of Gen Z, and 64% of Gen X identified flexible working benefits as the most crucial factor when evaluating a job offer. Leading coworking spaces like Quest offer 24/7 access to their facilities, allowing members to choose the setting that suits their needs and work style. Such flexible work options can make your company more appealing to a broader range of potential employees. This flexibility can be especially attractive to younger generations and those with caregiving responsibilities or other constraints that make traditional office-based roles less desirable.


Establish a strong reputation

Your professional image is a fundamental factor that molds your reputation and credibility. It is a vital component of your business brand, impacting how your company is perceived within and beyond the professional environment. Building relationships and trust with customers and other stakeholders can be more challenging in a fully remote work environment. Integrating flex-space solutions can be an effective way to balance between giving employees a flexible work environment and enhancing the company's reputation. 

Many flexible workspaces, such as Quest, provide a physical address, which can be used for business registration and correspondence. The address creates a more professional image for your company compared to using a residential address. As flex workspaces often provide a professional and well-designed workspace, when clients or partners visit your company they will likely be impressed by the professional setting, positively impacting your company reputation.


Embrace technology

You should also consider investing in technology that enhances remote work and virtual collaboration. Utilizing efficient project management tools, communication platforms, and cybersecurity measures will enhance not only collaboration and company culture but also productivity. With the right technology, you can hire talent worldwide, not limited by geographic location. Ultimately, this leads to a more diverse and skilled workforce, bringing in fresh perspectives and expertise that might not be available locally.

Many flexible workspaces offer amenities and virtual technological tools, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and cloud-based platforms designed to facilitate real-time collaboration among remote team members. These resources can be crucial for your business's success and can be more reliable compared to what employees might have at home.


Develop a strong company culture

A positive company culture fosters employee engagement and commitment. When employees feel connected to the organization's values and mission, they are more likely to be motivated, productive, and satisfied with their work. Besides, a strong company culture can attract top talent and help retain skilled employees. When a company is known for its positive culture, it becomes an employer of choice, making it easier to recruit and keep high-quality employees. Ultimately, this will not only enhance your competitiveness in the job market but also reduce recruitment and training costs. 

Flexible workspaces such as Quest can play a significant role in developing a solid company culture among your remote-based workers. These spaces provide a physical location where remote workers can gather, which can help foster a sense of belonging and a shared identity. Having a designated space where employees can meet, collaborate, and socialize can strengthen the bonds between team members.


Enhance your competitiveness with Quest Workspaces

In the current remote and virtual work era, striking a balance between offering flexible work schedules and cultivating strong face-to-face interactions is crucial for company productivity, collaboration, and team-building. Quest Workspaces offers tailored solutions to help you compete for talent effectively while retaining your WFH, hybrid, or in-office work approaches. We have created an environment that promotes productivity and well-being, ensuring you can achieve your best work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 


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