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How Hospitality-Driven Workspaces Boost Team Productivity
Quest WorkspacesApr 24, 2024 11:26:24 AM3 min read

How Hospitality-Driven Workspaces Boost Team Productivity

hospitality-driven workspace goes beyond the limitations of a basic office.. It has the amenities that visitors and members need to feel truly comfortable and productive. In a workplace setting, this might include event planning support, access to personal assistance services, mail services, and food and drink options, all conveniently located within the office itself. These services sound convenient and luxurious—but what do they have to do with productivity? Explore some of the easy access to these services that make the day far more productive for solo business owners, work teams, and everyone in between.



Not having to travel for coffee breaks, meals, and other amenities eliminates wasted time.

You and your employees are going to take lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day—and that's absolutely fine. Breaks help everyone mentally recharge. But when employees must leave a traditional office space to drive to a coffee shop, grocery store, or restaurant, that usually translates to extended breaks spent stuck in traffic or rushing back to the office. Those minutes quickly add up to lost hours of productivity every week.

But by having meal options, healthy snacks, and plenty of coffee and tea options just a short walk from their desk, the break stays well-managed, and work resumes on time. 


Invite employees to take breaks and socialize meaningfully.

Hospitality-driven coworking spaces also offer more pleasant spaces for breaks, meetings, and conversations. Instead of everyone having to choose between eating at their desks or going to a cramped and busy break room, professionals in coworking spaces are much more likely to have a wide variety of options. There might be an outdoor living space or patio, coffee shop-style spaces for relaxing, and other communal areas. 

Many workers will naturally gravitate toward these spaces. They also allow managers and business owners to invite employees on meaningful breaks and short team-building sessions. 


Network with other professionals in the coworking space.

All these perks mean that more people will spend more time in the coworking space—and that goes beyond your own team. You'll see other businesses and solo business owners regularly across the different working and recreational zones. You can have casual conversations with these other professionals, start to network, and even build business connections or referral partners who strengthen your business.

While some coworking spaces focus on fostering these relationships organically, others can make it an active part of membership through events like networking group sessions, seminars, and social events. Finding the right coworking space is critical, as different ones will offer different degrees of networking opportunities. 


Eliminate tedious and time-wasting tasks with concierge services.

While hospitality-driven spaces often suggest better (and more convenient) food and drink options, they also have a host of work support options. Concierge services can include mail services, personal assistant or virtual assistant options, tech support, and dozens of other small, supplemental services that make it easier to get work done. Depending on your business's needs, you might get an on-site mailbox, receptionist services that create a more formal calling experience for customers, and access to administrative support. 


Make it easier to plan client-facing meetings.

When you don't have a traditional office space with a standard operating procedure for hosting client meetings, creating new processes can seem overwhelming. But that's where hospitality-driven coworking spaces can help. Many offer flexible plans so you can book the right-sized room, different technology plans for preparing printed resources and presentations, and even coordination with hotels for out-of-town attendees. Some coworking spaces have easy online booking and invitations so you can seamlessly schedule an on-site meeting. Others may offer you all the hardware you need for a big video-recorded conference and may be available to provide direct support and backup technology.


Experience Hospitality-Driven Workspaces at Quest Workspaces

Coworking spaces already represent a beneficial departure from traditional office spaces while also presenting key advantages over decentralized remote work. But hospitality-driven coworking spaces bring even more to the table to ensure members have active, productive, and enjoyable days up at the office.


See how hospitality-driven options and supplemental services can change your work day by visiting one of our locations in South Florida, Tampa, or New York City, or contact us to learn more about our services. 


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