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Guide to Running the Perfect In-Person Business Meeting
Quest WorkspacesApr 12, 2024 1:06:20 PM3 min read

Guide to Running the Perfect In-Person Business Meeting

There are a ton of benefits to host in-person meetings and work sessions, from accessibility to face time through to building a stronger sense of community. They can also be necessary for events like board meetings, dynamic training sessions, and new-hire orientations for certain industries. Whether you're hosting your first in-person meeting or simply your first one in a while, they require planning that goes beyond just sending a calendar invite. Use this guide to prepare and run your next meeting.


5 Steps to Hosting Your Perfect In-Person Meeting

Planning meetings involves different steps: deciding the objective, planning the content, deciding whether it warrants a meeting or could be an email... Each of these moving parts requires individual time and attention. This guide specifically focuses on the logistics of running the perfect in-person meeting.

Choose a centralized location

If your company has remote or a hybrid work setup, then not everyone comes into the office every day. Your office might even be inconveniently located for some of the star guests, or you might be hosting a meeting near a pocket of off-site employees hundreds of miles away from the corporate office. In any of these circumstances, you can't host the meeting in an office, so you'll have to be creative.

One of the simplest and often best solutions is to book room in a flexible workspace – where you can reserve a meeting room or a conference room. Start by counting your expected attendees. Next, estimate how much space you need for sitting, chatting, and training, as well as any A/V resources you'll require. Then compare 4-5 different locations and select your favorite option.

Choose the right time—and invitees

As you're finalizing your reservation, you'll need to have a specific date and time in mind. Choosing the right time can feel like more of an art than a science, but the best times are often 10 am-12 pm or 2:30-4:30 PM. Of course, planning a rigid time for an in-person meeting can be even harder than planning for a virtual meeting, especially if your attendees have jam-packed schedules.

That's why it's just as important to choose the right invitees as the right time. Some people, such as directors or C-Levels employees, maybe busy or only be free at times that are inconvenient for the core group of attendees. When that's the case, consider whether you really need them present. The right time and date might require compromises on the guest list, not just the calendar.

Send the itinerary and other resources well in advance

As soon as the meeting's time, location, and purpose are set in stone, send out the meeting requests, the itinerary, and any resources people need to go through before the meeting. Sending these promptly will tell people how important the meeting is and prepare they're ensured to get the most value from the in-person meeting. These resources can also establish the expectations for conduct and participation throughout the meeting.

Record the meeting for attendees who can't make it

Even in-person meetings might also be virtual meetings. Some people won't be able to make it, and you might have employees in other time zones who need the same information. Not only should you facilitate channels for virtual attendees, but you should also record the meeting so there's a clear record of the information you needed to share.

Get feedback so your next meeting is even better

Once the meeting is over, ask for feedback. This can include both positive and negative points. Do this when the meeting details are fresh, whether it's through a survey, casual conversation, or an established process established in your company. The more data you have about engagement, understanding, and problems you might not have seen in the middle of running the meeting, the better you can prepare for the next meeting you're responsible for.

Flexible Workspaces Are the Perfect Place for the Perfect Meeting

It all starts with finding the right meeting space, and Quest Workspaces is here to help. We offer hospitality-driven flexible workspaces across Miami, Broward, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and New York City. Visit our locations to see our options in-person so you can plan for in-person one-on-ones, big department-wide meetings, and everything in-between. Also, contact our team to learn more about the hospitality resources, amenities, and A/V options we can provide for the meeting.



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