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How Availability of Space Affects Work Productivity
Quest WorkspacesNov 3, 2021 2:21:23 PM4 min read

How Availability of Space Affects Work Productivity



Studies estimate that having a well-designed office can boost work productivity by not less than 20%. Having a more spacious, well-equipped, better-lit office with ideal temperatures and ergonomic furniture can boost work concentration and productivity. Unfortunately, not all employees working from home have adequate resources to replicate an ideal office environment conducive for productivity in their homes. This blog focuses on the relationship between space and workplace productivity and why companies should move their staff to more spacious offices.




Five Ways More Space Increase Productivity 

A recent study shows nearly 50% of employees felt having more space to work and relax can significantly boost their productivity at work. The following are some of the ways spacious offices increase productivity. 


Less Clutter 

Clutter is never helpful for focus and productivity. In essence, working in a small, cluttered, unorganized space can frustrate your employees and slow them down substantially. A larger, more organized space clears clutter from a work environment to enable your workforce to better focus and process information, which ultimately increases productivity. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to effectively declutter a small home office to achieve a truly inspiring work environment. This factor makes it important for companies to retain their traditional office spaces amid the increasing adoption of a hybrid work model.


More Office Equipment

Having access to the latest technology is increasingly becoming crucial for employee productivity. A recent study reveals 49% of millennials will consider quitting a job it lacks adequate technological support. With each technological innovation, companies strive to be updated, so they improve efficiency and competitiveness. New technology means new equipment and new equipment translated to extra pressure on your available space. Compared to a small home office, a larger, more spacious office has adequate space to accommodate all the latest office equipment, including multiple monitors, printers, copiers, and other crucial IT infrastructure that could directly impact employee productivity. This translates to a more empowered workforce motivated enough to do their tasks with the greatest efficiency and quality.


Relaxation Areas

Modern office designs are large enough to include chill-out areas where employees escape to take the much-needed break. Notably, one in five office workers believes having a relaxation area at work increases their productivity. Office relaxation areas also encourage movement within the workforce, thereby boosting collaboration and communication. Unfortunately, you can't achieve this with a small, cluttered office that saps the energy of your workforce. 


Better Lighting

The wrong type of lighting in an office can affect job performance and satisfaction. Low or dim lighting reduces employees' ability to read or concentrate on some specific tasks. A study published by Rand Health reveals that natural light in office spaces enhances worker satisfaction and productivity. Another study by Cornell University confirms several benefits of natural light at the workplace, including reduced eye strain, improved moods, less drowsiness, and fewer mistakes. 

Undeniably, larger office spaces tend to let in more natural light than smaller offices because they offer more extensive views of the outdoors. Opting for a larger space over small home offices can be an effective way to provide your employees with a calm, well-lit, and welcoming environment that increases their satisfaction and productivity.


Larger Office Furniture

Apart from equipping your office with new technological hardware, your employees also need bigger office furniture that takes up a lot of space. Ideally, office ergonomics plays a critical role in employee productivity. Larger ergonomic furniture is designed to enhance comfort by fitting the workplace to the user's needs. Every addition in furniture, fixtures, and supporting office equipment is always accompanied by a valid reason to seek a larger and more spacious office.


Accommodates New Hires

As your company grows steadily, an office space that seemed ample enough yesterday may be so crowded and cluttered today, as you hire new staff and add new office ware. If you are onboarding talent, you need a more spacious space that meets the requirements of the new professionals and existing staff members to ensure they are properly seated with the furniture fitting snugly. Failure to expand your spaces with a growing workforce can translate to impacted work productivity and dissatisfied employees.


Quest Workspaces Solutions Help Boost Productivity

There is no doubt the characteristics of the physical office environment have a massive effect on the behavior, perceptions, and productivity of employees. Larger workspaces can boost your team's work culture, productivity, and efficiency, as well as their general wellbeing while at work. 



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