Game Nights Bring Coworking Employees Together

Game Nights Bring Coworking Employees Together

Game Nights Bring Coworking Employees Together

If there’s anything that hasn’t changed since we’re kids, it’s our love for games. Whether it’s a simple game of Pictionary or the highly structured system of Monopoly, people love to pick their brains to solve puzzles, earn badges, and emerge victorious.

It’s not a surprise, therefore, that many organizations integrate gaming elements into the workload to increase engagement and productivity. This technique is called gamification — the use of gaming psychology to motivate workers and improve business outcomes. Plus it makes the work extra fun.

Gamification, however, is difficult to pull off in a coworking space. People don’t share the same nature of work and beat different deadlines. Unlike in an ordinary office, the co-workers do not have a collective goal or follow the same rules. Every shared office space in Miami has its own little divisions, and within these divisions are individuals, not teams.

So, the closest thing you can do is to hold an awesome game night. It’s a break from your self-imposed deadlines and helps you get to know your co-workers better.

It’s a Great Way to Socialize

What’s a better way to form friendships than teaming up to beat common enemies?

Co-workers spend the entire day glued to their laptops and minding their own work. The only time for socialization happens during lunch hour — if the workers choose to eat in the communal eating area. Other than that, it’s just an entire day of keyboard-tapping and note-taking and conference-calling.

A game night takes you out of your work bubbles. Board games force you not just to interact but work with people you don’t normally associate with. It fosters positive relationships. Or, at the very least, makes for a great water cooler conversation.

It Keeps the Creative Juices Flowing

Stress is inevitable in any job, and games offer a form of escape from these real-world problems. Stepping away from tasks is beneficial for the mind, and it becomes even healthier if you distract yourself with something completely unrelated to your job.

During game night, try not to craft conversations about people’s current issues at work. After all, you’re here to relax, not to rehash how tiresome it is to answer emails or compete who has the more annoying clients. Focus on the game: build new identities, construct railways, control armies, and find the culprit.

After the games, you’ll feel refreshed and have a renewed perspective towards job-related challenges.

Do this regularly, and you’ll keep your brain robust for a very long time. Case in point: a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that playing board games and solving crossword puzzles are linked to a lower risk of dementia.

Games that Make Game Night a Hit

If you’re organizing a game night with your co-workers, here are a few games you could try:

  • Carcassonne – This is a tile-placement game where the players build a medieval landscape and strategically place meeples. It’s great for board game newbies — it’s exciting, has simple rules, and features a solid gameplay.
  • The Resistance – A social role-playing game that simulates a war between the government and resistance groups. A lot of interaction is involved as you try to find out who are the real Resistance Operatives and the sneaky Imperial Spies.
  • Ticket to Ride – You get to build railways on an elegant map. Players collect cards of train cars, which they use to claim railway routes and fulfill destination tickets.
  • Pandemic – You put yourselves in the shoes of disease specialists who are trying to stop the spread of virulent diseases all over the world. It’s fast, action-packed, and encourage strategic thinking among the players.

Step out of your work bubbles and get to know your co-workers. For more inquiries about great working spaces, get in touch with us today.

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