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Quest WorkspacesApr 26, 2023 12:09:40 PM4 min read

Four Ways You Can Grow Your Small Business Without Breaking the Bank

As economic and work conditions seem perpetually in flux, many small business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ways to drive company growth. With so many open variables for small and enterprise businesses alike, it begs the question: are reports of changing hybrid work policies to be trusted?

Not likely. In the first quarter of 2023, Forbes reported that a vast minority of US-based CEOs — only 3% — were intent on ordering staff back to full-time office conditions. In fact, 5% are even expanding hybrid work policies. By all measures, the hybrid office trend seem here to stay. In this article, we'll outline four ways companies embracing the hybrid work model can drive company growth by leveraging opportunities in high-end co-working spaces.


Four Affordable Ways To Drive Company Growth

  1. Optimize Your Company's Assets

While keeping your employees close may be desirable in some cases, chances are maintaining space for full on-site staffing is costing you more than it would to downsize or use that space more efficiently. According to a study, a staggering 71% of office spaces were able to support four times their actual use.

Flexible work spaces allow businesses to dramatically reduce their long-term overhead. It's all the easier, considering how much less occupied most office space has become since hybrid work became common. This is especially true of meeting rooms, which are notoriously underutilized, especially with remote work.

The temptation to hold onto your own meeting rooms and office space may be much less appealing, compared to the cost-saving benefits of office space on demand. Flexible private offices are increasingly available at high-end co-working spaces and virtual offices, which can be rented on a month-to-month basis with minimal commitment.

Isn't it time your office space became as adaptable as your hybrid staff?

  1. Embrace a Collaborative Atmosphere

Often, you don't even know what opportunities are right at hand until you look outside your familiar environment. In purely private offices in a solitary company environment, new opportunities may seem few and far between, but with co-working offices, it's no exaggeration to say opportunities will start coming to you.

Some of the more innovative hybrid offices provide a spectrum of private, semi-private, and open office workspace arrangements to choose from. You'll be able to go from closed-door privacy to full-on networking mode on a dime.

At a co-working space, you never know when the next big opportunity will be waiting there to meet you — and chances are, you'll be that fateful opportunity for somebody else.

  1. Secure a Hospitality Driven Co-working Space

Employees work more effectively when they aren't distracted by matters of basic care, and building managers expend huge amounts of resources on office-space amenities and employee care. A hospitality-driven co-working space ensures employees won't disrupt their flow just to fulfill the need for basic amenities, while reducing time spent on menial labors to upkeep the office environment.

Look into the on-site amenities of your hybrid office options and calculate how much the most useful ones would be if you hired out each separate service. Chances are, it's much more affordable (and saves you an enormous amount of time) to simply set up shop at a full-service work environment.

When comparing workspace opportunities, be on the lookout for high-end hospitality services, such as:

  • Concierge & mail services
  • Fitness center & wellness events
  • Delis, cafés, and self-serve food and drink
  • Office management & support staff
  • Dry-cleaning & shoe shining
  • Office cleaning service
  1. Maintain Flexibility

As the core strength of hybrid work is its flexibility, it makes sense that your co-working space must also be adaptable. Seek virtual offices and communal workspaces that allow on-demand use with minimal investment or contractual obligations. Such an arrangement has no capital requirements and doesn't require a lease — meaning office space on demand holds no risk to you or company investors.

In fact, you could easily justify it as a secure investment move; for some companies, flexible work policies are generating up to 20% increased productivity.


Secure New Growth Opportunities by Co-working in Our Private Office

At Quest Workspaces, co-working in our private and semi-private offices generates the kind of perpetual buzz that only happens when a local business community's most ambitious entrepreneurs come together. As hybrid work figures remain strong, and even show signs of expanding, it's important that your office space is just as flexible as your employees have become.

If you're interested in co-working in our private office, explore our hybrid office locations in Florida and New York City premium real estate — or contact us, and tell one of our knowledgeable service representatives about your workspace needs.



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