Corporate Coworking: Fueled by Change and Growing Fast

Corporate Coworking: Fueled by Change and Growing Fast

Corporate coworking continues to grow in popularity.

Last Fall, CBRE conducted a survey of 200 corporate decision makers. 46% of those surveyed, either are already using coworking spaces or are considering adding them.

So companies are getting wise to the fact that attracting and keeping today’s best and brightest means giving them more control over where, when and how they work. Flexibility is the order of the day, which makes the coworking or serviced office model a natural fit, unlike the traditional (and restrictive) commercial lease model.

And, while serviced office space may cost more on a per-square-foot basis than leased space, (which costs about $12,000 per year, per worker, according to CBRE), it has a clear advantage. It makes it easier for companies to move in and out of spaces as needed. And that allows senior management to put more attention on expanding their businesses than managing leases.

And there are findings from the CBRE survey that further indicate that the corporate coworking model is a good match for today’s workers:

What is identified as most important to workers?

  • Connectivity to partners and suppliers (44%)
  • Flexible working arrangements (42%)
  • Flexible workspace (39%)

How are coworkers using the benefits of “community”?

  • Consulting with other members (84%)
  • Creating new friendships (60%)
  • Becoming more innovative, due to collaboration with others (46%)

So what does all this mean?

It means that corporations that make the change may be getting more value from their employees in the long run. Allowing them to work in spaces that are closer to home and fulfill their life/work balance appears to be having a net positive impact.

And the exposure that corporate coworking gives them to a more diverse population of workers may pay off in better, more balanced input.

It’s time to get on board with corporate coworking if you haven’t already.

So if you run a large corporation or you work for one, take heed of the shape of work to come. If you haven’t done so already, start looking into the many flexible office options available to you. Do your homework. Be sure that the space you select is run by people who know what they are doing. Professionals who are attuned to your company culture and are motivated to make your employees, and your business succeed and grow.

It’s one thing to decide to bring coworking into your organizational model. It’s another thing to do it right.

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