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Quest WorkspacesJul 20, 2022 12:51:27 PM3 min read

7 Benefits of Communal Office Workspaces, Even for Individual Work

While remote working gained momentum post-COVID19, there is no denying that the model has its drawbacks, including workplace disconnect, less face time, and disproportionate work-life balance. 



If you are looking for a solution that combines the benefits of a traditional office setting in terms of collaboration and socialization with freedom gained when working from home, consider incorporating communal office workspaces. This blog discusses the benefits to both employees and the overall business experience of having co-working spaces, even if most of the work employees do individualized and requires little to no direct collaboration. 


Up-to-date knowledge of workflows and processes

One of the most beneficial characteristics of a communal office workspace is that employees get opportunities to maintain up-to-date knowledge on workflows and processes. Shared offices such as Quest Workspaces bring together several hardworking and innovative professionals under one roof. This allows employees to share ideas, knowledge, and creativity, thus optimizing everyone's chances of succeeding in their roles.


Improves inter-departmental communication

Even with the massive potential of electronic communication, good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction still provides irreplaceable benefits. Having a physical space for your work-from-home employees to hold interdepartmental meetings is crucial to your company's success. A welcoming and open office space can encourage employees to collaborate and talk to other staff members, thus boosting interdepartmental communication. Regular collaboration and sharing crucial information with other departments improve workplace efficiency.


Stronger employee culture

Workplace culture is crucial to employee productivity and agility. Shared offices group people closer together, thus encouraging daily collaboration that has a massive effect on how workplace culture is developed. Socialization, talent pooling, and problem-solving nurture a close-knit group that shares the same workplace values. A stronger employee culture doesn't only attract new talent; it also helps retain workers while fostering positive sentiment at work.


Increased productivity and motivation

A leading benefit of increased collaboration in shared offices is the inspirational factor for teams. Studies reveal between 75% and 90% of coworkers feel more engaged and motivated to work and feel less lonely. Taking employees out of individualized home offices inspires positive feelings that eliminate lethargy. Co-working space also eliminates home distractions while helping employees stay engaged and alert to accomplish more work, thus enhancing overall productivity. 


Training opportunities

A study by Gallup reveals today's employees expect training and development to be part of workplace perks. In fact, up to 87% of millennials are heavily influenced by learning and development opportunities when deciding whether to accept or reject a new job. Co-working spaces provide numerous opportunities for learning new skills. Leading co-working spaces such as Quest Workspaces host regular skills and industry-based workshops to equip members with trending industry skills and knowledge that boost their work efficiency.


Provides a sense of belonging 

Co-working spaces can give employees the social boost they need to avoid the loneliness synonymous with working from home. Our sense of belonging helps boost employee self-esteem, productivity, and general well-being. Belonging to a team means being accepted and supported by group members, something you don't get when you work from home every day or meet people on Zoom. At Quest Workspaces, we provide communal working environments that are inclusive as well as diverse to enable more members to feel more fulfilled at work and in their everyday lives.


Provide well-being resources

Employees spend up to 50% of their total waking hours at work, which means their work lives could significantly impact their sense of well-being. With this in mind, communal office workspaces have created workplace environments prioritizing employee well-being and work-life balance. For employees to achieve work-life balance, employees must be flexible, and co-working spaces facilitate this. Besides, most co-working spaces have features that enhance well-being and work-life balance. Some of these features include spacious breakout areas, adaptable desks, lounges, gyms, coffee rooms, and more.


Quest Workspaces: The Future of Work

As companies adopt work from home and hybrid models, more flexible workspaces are required to gather for the diverse needs of the modern-day employee. Communal office workspaces provide the flexibility, support, adaptability, and sense of community needed for employees to succeed in their roles. Quest Workspaces provides shared office solutions designed to improve employees' productivity and well-being. 


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