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Quest WorkspacesSep 22, 2023 1:41:00 PM3 min read

5 Occasions When Every Business Needs an Office Space

The rapid adoption of remote work has triggered an ongoing debate about the need for physical office space in regard to the future of work. With reports that 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, more and more companies are allowing employees to perform their jobs in a remote or virtual environment, eliminating the need to be present at an office. 



However, several crucial business events and tasks still require an in-person office meeting. Coworking spaces such as Quest Workspaces offer customized office solutions, including hybrid office memberships, meeting rooms and virtual offices, for those who may not have the need for a full-time office.

So, what are the occasions when you need a physical office for your business functions? Here are five instances when you need an office and how to maximize flex spaces during these events. 


Client meetings

Technology today has advanced rapidly to allow businesses to get clients online without meeting in person. However, there is much conversation around only meeting virtually - which can limit the opportunity to understand your clients and their needs better. Meeting your clients physically in an office environment allows for face-to-face interactions, which help build trust and rapport more effectively than virtual meetings. Personal connections and body language are significant in establishing and accelerating a solid client relationship. Experiencing facial expressions, tone of voice, and gestures that convey information and emotions first-hand can be missed in virtual meetings. These subtle body language and cues are crucial for gauging the reactions, emotions, and interest levels of the clients you are meeting. 


Key meetings for business leaders

Discussions that involve complex or sensitive topics, such as the board of directors or business leaders meetings, require a secure and confidential environment. Hosting meetings in a controlled office environment can help maintain confidentiality and reduce the risk of information leaks that may occur in a virtual meeting. The physical office environment fosters better communication, relationship-building, and a deeper sense of trust among business leaders. It helps keep the participants engaged and focused on the meeting's agenda, which enhances the productivity of the meeting.

Leading coworking spaces such as Quest Workspaces provide access to well-equipped and highly secure meeting rooms and conference facilities to conduct quarterly or annual meetings for business leaders. These thoughtfully designed and designated spaces offer privacy while providing cutting-edge technology tools for productive discussions. 


Projects with in-person collaboration

Offices play an integral role in collaboration by fostering an environment for collective innovation, well-being, and productivity. When undertaking intensive projects that require a team, an office space offers a conducive environment where ideas can be shared and developed more efficiently. It allows for colleagues to communicate with each other, read moods and emotions, and review ideas in a shared meeting or office space.


Candidate interviews

One of the stages of the recruitment process is an in-person interview between the hiring manager and the candidate. A face-to-face interview in an office setting allows you to assess soft skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, and cultural fit more effectively. These skills are crucial for positions where employees interact with clients, stakeholders, or team members. The ability to observe the candidate's body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal skills, provides valuable insights into their confidence, attitude, and emotional intelligence.


Brand recognition and Business success

A dedicated office for your business helps communicate brand identity, values, and ethics more effectively. Having an office space allows clients, workers, and visitors to physically experience the company's brand and impacts their perception of the company. Coworking spaces often feature well-designed, modern, and professional environments that create an excellent first impression in your clients' minds. Using such spaces for client meetings or signing up for a Virtual Membership that provides a premium address for your business can instantly convey a more polished and established image

Leverage Quest Workspaces solutions for your meetings

Despite the rapid adoption of virtual meeting tools, in-person meetings in an office setting is still an important part of any business’s success. Physical meetings allow for more personal and meaningful interactions among participants. Body language, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues are easier to read in person, enhancing communication and understanding.

If you are a remote-based business or have employees on a hybrid work model, take advantage of office amenities offered by Quest Workspaces to conduct client meetings, presentations, interviews, or team gatherings. Our premium office solutions and meeting room options and services are available in a location near you. 

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