5 Meeting Space Tips To Rock Your Next Meeting

5 Meeting Space Tips To Rock Your Next Meeting

Every day, according to the National Statistics Bureau, there are an estimated 11 million meetings taking place across the country. Meetings are still important, even in today’s more open, collaborative atmosphere. A successful meeting can quickly propel a solopreneur, start-up or growing business to the next level.

Just as important as the meeting is the meeting space. The right space can make you look and feel like a guru. A not-so-great space can reflect negatively on your brand and on you.

Today, thanks to a thriving serviced office industry, you can rent space by the hour in a building that is conveniently located. And there are plenty of meeting rooms to choose from. So you can do some window shopping in advance. Here are 5 meeting space tips to make sure you get the right one:

  1. A physical space that can handle anything from a conversation to a cartwheel: Do your chairs hit the wall when pushed back? Not good. Because today’s meetings are dynamic and can quickly morph from a button down style meeting to a free-wheeling (and moving) collaboration session. According to office furnishings company, HermanMiller, “Make the meeting spaces big enough that participants can freely stand, stretch, walk around, and, in general, vary their posture. Also, provide enough circulation space that they can huddle or share the same perspective when looking at a computer screen or document.”
  2. Furniture that moves with you: Ergonomically designed chairs are a given. But they should also be light enough to easily move them around and out of the way, when necessary.
  3. Connectivity to just about everything: Make sure your meeting room provider is set up to accept wireless access from mobile apps as well as laptop programs and presentation formats.
  4. Displays that bring remote participants into the room: Large format displays that can be connected wirelessly to your laptop or mobile device.
  5. Audio and acoustics that make every connection crisp and clear: Remember the “Can you hear me now?” Verizon guy? We’ve come a long way! Audio means not only in-room acoustics but also how crisp and clear the connections are to remote meeting attendees.

Finally, check out the area outside the meeting room. Is the central area alive with activity or cold and empty? Are the receptionists professional and welcoming? Find out how they will service your guests as they walk in. Will they personally guide them to the meeting space or just point down the hall?

A great serviced office space provider will provide you with a total meeting experience, not just a room. Make sure you are providing nothing less to your clients and prospects.