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Quest WorkspacesFeb 21, 2017 3:55:12 PM3 min read

You’ll Love the TLC at Quest’s 777 Brickell Miami Shared Workspace

Even when you’re at work, there’s no place like home.  And just like we’ll all take one more slice of Mom’s apple pie, when it comes to TLC you can never get enough. The three signature aspects of the experience at Quest’s 777 Brickell Avenue Miami Shared Workspace – team, luminosity, and community – are what make it worth every penny on the price tag.

Miami Shared Workspace TLC


At Quest, we see value in old-fashioned hospitality.  We see ourselves as assets of your business, extended members of your team, rather than operational professionals. For example, every new client have the option to hold a breakfast meet and greet. When you have a meeting, we ask you what your preferences are for announcing latecoming guests. Our goal is to provide a foundation for businesses to grow, and this attitude of service is the basis for everything we do for our clients.

Quest mobilizes each center manager to act as a value-enhancing asset to your business. They often act as “matchmakers,” pairing up one client looking for services with another, either within the same coworking space or another location.  Quest’s Miami Shared Workspace center manager Teri Abelairas has over 15 years of experience working with clients. Her approach is to go for the win-win every time which she does with warmth, laughter, and a smile.


Feng Shui has it right – the subtle details of your surroundings do matter. While most coworking spaces will have you drowning in a sea of gray, brown, and black, Quest adds a splash of lustrous color to all our offices in South Florida. We do this to motivate our clients, stimulate their energy, and inspire creativity.  Our Miami Shared Workspace is flooded with natural light to engulf you with warm hues to liberate your natural energy.

For example, our lustrous scarlet meeting room table was custom designed in Italy. This stunning piece is built from electrifying red glass. We deliberately styled our conference room this way to offer a departure from the mahogany wood tables typically seen in Miami Shared Workspace. However, realizing that no two Questers work alike, we cater to all preferences and offer more traditional meeting rooms to suit those with more conservative tastes, all within the same center. For those days when you need a pick-me-up, you’ll be energized by our treadmill desks and sunlit state of the art café as well.


A business’s network is its net worth. An attorney client who is a Quester at 777 Brickell Avenue said it best in her live testimonial:

This is more like a family and Quest really does alot to try to get everyone to meet each other and get those connections to help grow our business, which is something we really value, especially as a new law firm.

Through networking events and happy hours, we provide our clients with the opportunity to get to know their neighbors in comfortable social settings that support new relationships, partnerships, and business growth. This is how we give our clients the freedom to work they want they want.

You’ll love being a part of this Quester community as the TLC at Quest’s 777 Brickell Avenue in Miami is pretty unbelievable. But don’t take our word for it; view this quick video to see for yourself what our clients are saying about the benefits of working in a Quest coworking space. For a personal tour of any of our nine facilities in New York and Florida, please email


Quest Workspaces

At Quest Workspaces, we’re proud to be different because we’ve built a leading brand based on old-fashioned, reliable business principles combined with a culture of innovation and constantly improving the customer experience.