What Questers Are Saying About Our Newest Office Workspace in NYC!

What Questers Are Saying About Our Newest Office Workspace in NYC!

This January, Quest celebrated the opening of its 10th location, a new coworking center located at 800 Third Avenue in New York City. This office workspace is a collaboration between Quest and Van Wagner Group in which Quest shares 33k unoccupied square feet within Van Wagner’s corporate office space.

The new space offers our Questers amenities such as an open coworking area, private offices, meeting rooms, storage areas, and discrete spaces for phone calls. Many have fallen in love with the office workspace’s café with breathtaking panoramic views of the city offering breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day. And best of all, the new location allows our Questers to enjoy never before offered perks – complimentary weekly manicures and shoe shines.

Here are some shots of our Quester team in action as we set up the new space. In the picture below, CEO Laura Kozelouzek is overseeing the process to make sure everything is up to par.

Our operations and client service staff are hard at work, headed up by Nancie Dudash.

The NYC Entrepreneur Sells by Strength

The saying goes that if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. The NYC entrepreneur sells by strength because if you don’t then winning deals and sustaining your business becomes nearly impossible.

Laura Kozelouzek is a successful entrepreneur herself. In her book which is slated for publishing sometime this year, Laura describes an experience she had when she started one of her multi-million dollar office workspace businesses. When feeling intimidated before a meeting, here is how she overcame it:

I told myself that I had to make a choice between focusing on what could go wrong or I could instead concentrate on making the meeting go right. If I wanted power in the situation I needed to convince him of the value of what I had to offer this company, I realized.

Through this experience I came to realize that how you see yourself is how other people are going to see you. If I saw myself as weak and not capable of competing, then that is how they were going to perceive me.

Laura touches on a key aspect of success in entrepreneurship, in NYC and everywhere in the world. It’s all about how you see yourself, because that is the image that you project to the rest of the world. That’s the secret sauce that makes the deal a win or a loss.

Laura had these very ideas in mind about business image, success, and confidence when she designed our new NYC office workspace. Although our physical facilities are exceptional, the deepest value of what we offer goes beyond the brick and mortar. It’s our people who make the difference. This is what we are all about, whether it’s our NYC offices or our location in South Florida.

The benefits that we offer were designed to support the needs of people who are trying to grow businesses. Take the free weekly manicures as an example. According to The Balance, proper nail grooming is imperative for the business professional, especially those who talk with their hands because “they become a focal point… Nails should be clean and trimmed or sculpted” (Wolfe, 2017).

Our goal at Quest is to take care of these details so that you have the support you need to have the best possible office workspace image in the eyes of those you wish to impress. We set the playing field up properly so that you can perform, that way you can focus on game day and not all the details leading up to it. The perks such as shoe shines and manicures are just a few ways that we support our Quester entrepreneurs.

The Shoe Shines Make the Day

Take it from Seth Meyer, from the law firm Rebar Bernstiel, a Quester who transitioned to the new location from our Rockefeller Center office space: our 800 Third Avenue space takes Quest services to whole new level.  Having been a Quester for quite some time now, Seth has appreciated how Quest’s staff aligns with their company’s goals. According to Seth, there are no reservations about the Quest team interfacing with their guests and clients.

He stated, “It feels great having the support of this team. They are really invested in our success.”

One important aspect of making a great impression on clients is the facilities. Seth cited the view of the East River as well as the spacious conference room that accommodates 30 people as major contributors to that goal. The collaborative feel of the cafeteria allows for spontaneous discussions with entrepreneurs and leaders of industry to help pollinate new ideas. The food and amenities in the kitchen are also a plus and leave a positive impression on Questors and visitors alike.

According to Seth, the modern and fresh look isn’t all that the new Quest space offers. For him, the location is better, less frequented by tourists, and offers more of a neighborhood type feel. The commute is also more appealing for a NY law firm. “We go to the courts often, so the subway options are better in terms of easy access to the downtown area. We have also found there is less traffic when getting to the airport.”

When asked if anything surprised him about the new location, Seth responded right away. As Quest offers complimentary shoe shines for our Questers, he was a bit taken aback the other day when the shoe shiner knocked on his door. It was great timing as Seth had an important presentation later that day and the extra polish no doubt helped to impress.  Other co-workers have commented on the manicuring services offered by Quest as a huge time saver for busy professionals.

“Quest cares not just about your business, they care about you as a person, “ he said.

In giving our Questers the freedom to work the way they want, we realize that we have to go the extra mile in terms of our presentation, our willingness to reach out to clients when they need us the most, and our ability to support them in presenting the most professional image that they possibly can. But it’s not standard or formulaic. As you can see, we’ve done this in so many ways and for so many Questers. This is the reason that Quest has been able to maintain its status and the top service experience among all coworking spaces.

Summing It Up

In the highly competitive business world of New York City, clients are demanding more than ever before. It’s up to the entrepreneur to rise to the challenge. Having the support of a staff who is willing and able to be your “surrogate employees” can make all the difference in the world to your success. Oh yeah, and the free manicures and shoe shines can’t hurt your professional image, either! Email info@questworkspaces.com for your personal tour of our office workspace at 800 Third Avenue.


Wolfe, Lahle. (2017, August 17). Simple Personal Grooming Tips for Business Women. The Balance. Retrieved from https://www.thebalance.com/grooming-tips-for-business-women-3514814.

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