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Solopreneurs Working Alone: How to Reduce Isolation and Loneliness
Quest WorkspacesMay 15, 2024 1:28:09 PM4 min read

Solopreneurs Working Alone: How to Reduce Isolation and Loneliness

Being an entrepreneur or a solo business owner is hard work, and there are a lot of resources out there for some of the biggest challenges with these professional roads: staying productive, staying focused, learning how to manage the stress, and so on. But loneliness and isolation are two big struggles that a lot of people still face without a lot of resources and support. 



After all, when you're on a team, you have a team—even small hellos and the occasional conversation can recharge your social battery, and when you don't manage the whole business, you can clock out and go have fun. But solo professionals don't have teams, and you can't clock out. That's why this quick guide focuses on ways to identify signs of isolation and meaningfully change up your work routine, so you get the right level of sociability and interaction for more happiness.


Solo Businesses Are Lonely Work

In recent years, almost everyone's mental health has taken a hit, so it's important to take a moment and determine which stressors or challenges are most prevalent in your own professional life. With around 75% of entrepreneurs worried about their mental health and 46% of business owners thinking it's starting to impact their business, this problem can't be ignored. Some of the signs you might be lonely or isolated are: 

  • Continuously thinking about money and financial strain without having anyone to discuss it with
  • Long work periods of several hours without personal interaction, especially for several days in a row
  • Inconsistent start and end times for dedicated work periods
  • Frequently canceling social events or personal time
  • Feeling anxiety at the thought of spending time away from your computer for non-work activities
  • Being less productive or less successful on client-facing calls and communications

When you work on your own, it can feel like you're working in a small box. Even when your business can be run entirely without human interaction, it starts to affect your well-being and productivity. So, it's time to get out of the box.


How to Stay Social, Energized, and Happy—Even During Your Business's Busiest Seasons

It's hard to deliberately work social time into your calendar, especially when your schedule already seems at the breaking point. Choose from these helpful ideas and pick the changes that best fit your availability and comfort level.


Work Near Other Professionals for Light Social Connection

Making eye contact and saying hello to a stranger does a lot of heavy lifting. So even when you work alone, shift your routine to bump into people. Sign up for a coworking space so you can share polite greetings with people in the elevator or around the espresso machine. Travel to different locations so there are small moments of chitchat. If you have a coworking space, opt to occasionally work at big open tables instead of behind a closed door so you see more people.

It doesn't have to be a meaningful or long conversation to make a big impact.


Choose Networking Activities with a Healthy Social Component

If networking is a big part of your business—and chances are that it is—mix in sociability with straight networking. While client calls, vendor meetings, and professional networking groups all have their place, your networking efforts will do better if you enjoy both the people and the activities. Start making meaningful connections at happy hours or trivia nights, join a recreational league, or form a networking group where there is just as much time for fun as for pushing business connections. 

You don't want to hide networking as socialization or socialization as networking, but a deliberate blend of both can make you much happier.


Deliberately Schedule Social Activities

If your schedule allows it, make time for social activities that have absolutely nothing to do with work. This can be hard, and, if you're short on time, save the precious windows of relaxation for the wellness routines that you value most (such as meditation, workouts, or simply not working). But start to wind in activities that are more or all about social recreation. Look around your coworking space for convenient opportunities to unplug, such as fitness classes nearby, popup events, or a group going to a local restaurant. If it's just around the corner or a group of people you say 'hi' to every morning are going, it's much easier to go, too.


Start Rebuilding Your Business Routine with Quest Workspaces

When you feel isolated and stressed, change your routine to naturally include small social moments and add in more events. Working in a coworking space is a great strategy because you can have a healthy dose of interaction during your busiest days and take part of networking or recreation activities when your schedule is a little more open.

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