Social Spaces: Why a Sense of Community is Vital in Coworking Spaces

Social Spaces: Why a Sense of Community is Vital in Coworking Spaces

Social Spaces: Why a Sense of Community is Vital in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces might seem like the latest business buzzword, but its origin stretches back to the mid-90s. The earliest coworking space that resembles what we have today was actually a place where hackers meet and work in real life. This was known as a “hackerspace.” By the late 90s and early 2000s, the coworking space movement took off, with offices popping up in busy cities like New York.

Crafting Communities

Now, these spaces are everywhere — not just in business districts. You can rent office spaces in Fort Lauderdale and other beach cities. Some rural areas also have coworking spaces similar to what you’d find in NYC or LA. The average annual growth rate of coworking members around the world is 24.2%, with 1.74 million people in 2017. Research firm Small Business Labs projects that this number will make a jump to 5.1 million in 2022.

More and more corporations, startups, and freelancers are switching to coworking spaces. These places continue to thrive not only because of cheaper rent or comfortable workstations but also because of the sense of community. Here’s why it’s important in making a successful coworking space.

Isolation in Remote Work

Working from anywhere is every employee’s dream. You don’t have to dress up or rush to the office because you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. And in some cases, you’re your own boss. This “gig economy” that freelancers live in is liberating, but it’s also lonely. This is because they miss out on human interaction that the traditional office gives.

A survey on coworking space members showed that 89% of people are happier while coworking, as opposed to working at home or in a traditional office. Around 83% of respondents also reported that they felt less lonely in a coworking space. Their social circles expanded as 79% of members said coworking expanded their network. More than half of the people surveyed also socialize with other members after work or on weekends.

Finding Success in Coworking

Apart from social benefits, members’ productivity also improved during their stay in a coworking space. About 84% of respondents reported that they felt more engaged and motivated when coworking. Almost 70% of the members said they feel more accomplished since they started coworking.

The respondents also found that coworking expanded their knowledge and skillsets. Most of the members said they turn to their coworking members for advice. More than half of the people surveyed learned new skills and improved their existing ones while coworking. It’s this kind of caring and helpful environment that makes coworking members thrive.

Coworking spaces have evolved from small informal places for hackers to meet to an industry where professionals, both corporate and independent, find success. Coworking offices are more than just comfortable and stylish places to work at. They create communities that foster improvement and togetherness.

Your Quest Starts Here

A coworking space gives you the freedom to work on your own while fitting in with a community. At Quest Workspaces, we make it our mission to achieve flexibility in your business. Whether you’re working independently or with a team, we have stylish and fully-furnished offices for you to use.

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