Quest Workspaces

Quest Workspaces

Exceptionalism. In a word, Laura Kozelouzek defines what sets a business of the year apart. Such companies, she says, are exceptional in every area – from their operating results to the quality of their product and services.

But beyond that, it’s a company that inspires, where everyone supports it because it is socially conscious and cares for its team, clients and community as a whole, she says.  It’s innovative and believes in constant improvement from the customer service experience to the creation of a strong brand.  It possesses a compelling mission and adheres to its core values, including integrity, she says.

Instead of simply quantifiable results, like the 275 percent income growth in 2011, Kozelouzek also measures success by growth. Less than two years ago, Quest opened its first location. It now has four – Miami, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton – making it a leading regional provider for flexible and affordable workspace solutions.

She also measures success by the accomplishments of the companies Quest has supported. One is a large Miami law firm suffering a workspace crisis. Another – several, actually – were small business getting started in a tough economy. Even charities use the space, free of charge.

“We provide premier workspace within a supportive community that has allowed our clients to thrive, “says Kozelouzek, who modeled her success, in part after Apple, as well as Starbucks’ strong community culture and “third place” phenomena” – a networking hub where people meet, socialize, and work.

The culture extends to the team as well.

“My goal as the CEO is to provide the vision that inspires the team to work hard, not for me but for themselves and the company we have created together,” she says. “An environment where we take what we do seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously. This allows for mistakes, learning, growth and laughter.”

Quest Workspaces supports a safe, undisrupted and compliant work environment. Our workspaces focus on private offices with onsite support that enables social distancing, and also offer virtual office packages and remote services to keep your business moving forward from your home or Quest office. Contact Quest today to find a flexible solution that works for you, and discuss how to benefit from our services while also complying with local COVID-19 mandates.

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