Helping ‘Style Saves’ to Serve Underprivileged Students

Helping ‘Style Saves’ to Serve Underprivileged Students


Anyone who knows Laura Kozelouzek, founder and CEO of Quest Workspaces, is well aware of her reputation for giving back to her community – not merely for show; but to really make a difference.

Proof is her ‘office giveaway’ program which provides free space to local charities and non-profits for the duration of a year or more based on each group’s need. But what makes Laura and Quest so unique is that it doesn’t end with the space. Laura and team also work with these charities to connect them with existing tenants who may further benefit their cause.

According to Laura, “We have witnessed firsthand how our company can help motivate, energize and foster success among small and large businesses alike, and through our office giveaway, local charities can benefit from these same qualities and focus their time and resources on spreading their goodwill without the concern of costly overhead.”

The latest recipient of Quest’s generous helping hand is Style Saves, a charity that raises funds to allocate new outfits and school supplies to underprivileged students in South Florida. Style Saves will be housed at Quest’s new 777 office in Miami, which opens on June 16th.

For her part, Laura Kozelouzek isn’t content to be the only workspace operator lending a helping hand. She is busy carving out a program that can be deployed by others as well.

“We have enjoyed great success, rolling out this campaign in other markets in conjunction with the launch of new Quest centers, and we intend to scale this project to other serviced business center providers who are willing to donate space in the same way we did.”

Hats off to Laura and team Quest for promoting big ideas with big hearts.

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