Planning for a Safe Return to Your Workspace

Planning for a Safe Return to Your Workspace

Planning for a Safe Return to Your Workspace

Now that businesses are getting back to business and gradually reoccupying workspaces, most people are experiencing uncertainty about how to resume their “new normal” safely. Many aspects of a return to normalcy are yet to be fully defined as there are many health and safety guidelines constantly in a state of flux.

Amidst the uncertainty, there are steps you can take to feel comfortable and confident in your workspace. Different regions have different mandates and requirements, which makes it even more important for everyone to keep up-to-date through local chambers, cities and county web sites. The following suggestions can help your level of confidence, in additional to following other protocols and guidelines that are constantly being introduced.

Maintain social distance

Make sure you follow six-foot social distancing everywhere. This means keeping your distance while sitting at your desk, talking to coworkers, in meeting rooms and in break rooms. To accomplish this, consider holding virtual collaborations whenever possible and install floor markings so that its easier for people to know what a 6-foot distance looks like.

Keep your work area clean and sanitized

When you have a private office or a dedicated desk that is assigned to you only, it makes it much easier to ensure the cleanliness of your space. This task becomes increasingly more difficult if you work at a shared desk or if your office has unassigned seating.

Keep packs of disinfectant wipes handy. Before you sit down to work, give your workspace a quick wipe. Repeat this process every time you change desks to keep your workspaces safe.

Bring your own tech

Tools such as keyboards, pens, printers, headsets, tablets and computer mice are constantly touched throughout the day. Sharing this equipment can increase contagion risks in the workplace.

To mitigate this risk, bring your own tech. If this isn’t possible, thoroughly disinfect the equipment with wipes before using. On a similar note, avoid lending your phone or borrowing someone else’s.

Consider a gradual return to your office space

Consider a gradual return to the office. Mix your hours in the office with hours working from home. In this way, you can also manage your work-like balance and create a flexible schedule that works best for you. Also consider going into the office during less busy times. This will help to keep you safe by avoiding unnecessary contact and reducing your exposure to the additional people until you feel comfortable returning to your particular workspace. Remember, not all workspaces are equal, plan your return in a way that works for you.

Check your workplace’s COVID-19 practices

Pay attention to the practices implemented by your workplace. Workplaces should have written COVID-19 protocols based on guidelines from local and national authorities. These will include cleaning and distancing protocols for workstations, meeting rooms, collaborative areas, break rooms, and desks. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer should be available throughout the office. Workspaces should be set up to ensure that all employees can keep a safe distance from each other, while also constantly educating on best practices for prevention, including ensuring people stay away from the office who are experiencing any symptoms.

Returning to the workspace in a safe manner is a critical step toward establishing our new normal. Even though we’ve all become accustomed to working remotely, the office is where relationships are cultivated, community is built, coworker camaraderie thrives and company cultures flourish.

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