Office Space Options: Sometimes You Need a Door

Office Space Options: Sometimes You Need a Door

There is a lot to be said for those open floor plans that have become so popular. Collaboration is the tool of a new generation of workers and yesterday’s boxy, stuffy office floor plans have proven to be better at keeping us apart than bringing us together. That’s why open office space is the most sought after.

But few would argue that there are times when nothing beats the peace and quiet of your own private space with a door that can be opened…and closed.

Here’s a short list of activities that are much more efficient with privacy:

• Making business calls
• Reviewing a contract with a client
• Working with financial spreadsheets
• Conflict resolution with colleagues and clients

All these situations require a level of concentration and privacy that noisy open spaces impede upon. In short, that’s when you need a door. And there is plenty of research to back this up. As an example, Steelcase and Ipsos, in a 2014 study, found that workers lost as many as 86 minutes per day, due to the distraction of surrounding noise.

Open doors, closed doors. Should you have to choose?

So closed doors definitely have their benefits.

But what about when you need some quick, objective input on an idea you have? Or you just want to get some fresh ideas on the table? All of a sudden that closed office may become a liability, not an advantage.  You want some open space where everyone can stretch out and let the ideas fly. So you may find yourself wondering, “Why didn’t I book coworking space instead?”

Thankfully there are office space providers who offer coworking areas, collaboration spaces and meeting rooms, along with private offices to give you the freedom to work the way you want to; when you want to.

But be careful. Not all office space providers will make it easy for you. They may lock you into one type of space and then hit you with massive charges every time you want to make a change. So you need to find an office space provider who promises you flexibility; right from the beginning.

Bottom line: coworking is inspiring and energizing. But, make sure that, when you need to get back to some serious business focus, you can walk down the hall into your own office. And close the door.

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