New Year’s Resolutions and Your Office

New Year’s Resolutions and Your Office

Being an office solutions provider, I thought, what resolutions should we make in order to improve the way we work? Most of us have to work, and spend a considerable amount of our waking hours in the office so what can we do to make it the most productive, satisfying, and fulfilled time of the day?

I also thought about what influences our happiness. It’s obviously different for everyone yet we all seem to break our lives into our “personal” and “professional” desires, goals, etc. Since I’ve have had the pleasure of working with thousands of incredible professionals in our business centers, I wanted to share patterns I’ve seen that work.

These patterns apply to not only to those in the corporate world but to the extreme entrepreneurs in all industries and at every level, from just getting started to those that have achieved amazing success.

So make a difference in your professional life in 2011. Pick the right office space; it’s key! Your environment is going to influence your emotions, attitude and results. If you are in the right workspace that provides the proper professional support, with energy and a dynamic community, then kick it up and get started!

Here are my 5 steps for 2011 success:

1. Know what you want – Really think about it. Don’t just fall into the trap of wanting what you should want, but examine what is really going to make you happy. Maybe it’s more money, more time, more balance, whatever it is, be clear in your intentions and understand why it is important to you.

2. Now that you know what you want and have a plan! – Write it out, if you do you have a much higher chance of achieving your desired outcome.

3. Take action – A plan is useless unless you execute.

4. Be in the right frame of mind/mental attitude – Process and planning will only get you so far. You need to be passionate and persistent. Believe that you are going to make it happen, imagine how your life will change once you make it happen and don’t give up.

5. If you reach a roadblock, find another path!

I have committed to making 2011 a breakthrough year for myself professionally and I’m going to apply what I have learned from our clients by consistently following the 5 steps above and so should you.

Good luck everyone and here’s to making this year HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL!


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