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How to Experiment with Different Work Styles to Find Your Perfect Fit
Quest WorkspacesMar 20, 2024 1:52:30 PM3 min read

How to Experiment with Different Work Styles to Find Your Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect workspace can be hard work. Your keyboard might be the wrong height, making you hunch over time. There could be construction outside your window, and the loud noise distracts you from working. There also could be unstable Wi-Fi, loud conversations (or complete silence), and working late in the afternoon could all be poor matches for your work style. The good news is that you do not have to be stuck in your work routine or space. By experimenting with different options and environments you may uncover a better solution that perfectly suits your work and style. Here are five different experiments that you can apply today. 


1. Create a New Desk Setup

A cluttered desk leads to brain overload just as much as a jam-packed to-do list and hundreds of desktop tabs. If you have a messy or cluttered workspace, it can be very hard to focus. The visual clutter is distracting because you constantly see reminders of things you want to do or must do. Even just having your phone in sight with the occasional notification popping up can disrupt your focus. If you must work in a single location at home or in an office, experiment with different desk arrangements. For example, you could add organizers, get a plant, or tuck everything out of sight in drawers.


2. Work in a Productivity-Oriented Space

Next, try taking things a step further and intentionally create a productivity-oriented space. This can include elements like: 

  • Following ergonomic best practices for your computer, chair, and keyboard
  • Tidying up each day and between task sets so you only have out what you need
  • Keeping water nearby so you're hydrated and focused
  • Remove distractions by closing the door or putting up notifications that you're in a deep work mode

Try small changes over time to see what works best for you in your unique workspace.


3. Try Different Locations

If you have a bit of freedom regarding where you work, try different locations. Instead of a table in your bedroom, try the kitchen. Instead of a cubicle, try a table in a communal workspace. If you have even more self-directed control over where you work, try spaces like coffees, hospitality-driven coworking spaces, the library, and so on. 

After working at each location, take note of what you liked and what you didn't like. You can use these notes to compare locations or put all the details together to create your ideal workspace later.


4. Break Up Your Work Schedule

The right work style isn't just about the right location and environment. It's also about the right time. You might be a morning person who gets their best work done during the first hours after sunrise. But you might also be a night owl who is most creative in the evenings. Some people also require longer breaks—or no breaks at all. Experiment with your work schedule to find your optimal work times.

If you're managing a team, do what you can to offer more flexibility. Even if there are essential work hours, try to grant everyone more options around those core hours to suit their productivity needs.


5. Choose the Right Environment for Different Types of Work

After you've experimented with all four of those different factors—desk space, type of work environment, location, and time—you might have landed on the perfect set of factors. But it's far more likely that different environments work best for different types of work. Maybe you like having a deep work session in the mornings to handle complex projects, and you like being in a noisier, looser environment while cleaning up your inbox in the afternoon. You need a quiet office for client calls around lunchtime, but collaborative meetings help with sprints.

If this sounds like you, explore the possibilities of coworking space subscriptions that house multiple different types of work environments and amenities in a single package. Then you can truly customize your work environment to suit your style.


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