Gratitude Mood: Our Employees Love Us Because We Love Them

Gratitude Mood: Our Employees Love Us Because We Love Them

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Questers who are clients in our centers and also to our incredible team who understand Quest’s mission and make it happen for our clients every day.

As this is the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re in a gratitude mood. We received this email from one of our amazing Quest team members and it made us so proud and grateful:


I just wanted to thank you for valuing this holiday and giving us not just the day off but 2.5 days that we can spend with our families. We are able to travel farther and spend time with those loved ones we do not get to see often because we have the extra time. Thank you!

My sister sent me this picture from the McDonalds by our house, and we are all too horrified that these people don’t even have Thanksgiving holiday off.

When I was younger Thanksgiving was a sacred day that EVERYONE came together spent time with family and friends and just be thankful.  Now, more and more businesses are open on Thanksgiving and families are always missing a member because they had to work.

Thank you for caring and valuing us!

Quest is proud that we have such a caring team that puts each other and our clients before themselves. We are grateful for the times when we can do the same for our own employees. Employee appreciation matters.

As hard as we work and as hectic as the holidays get, what matters most is spending time with those you love.

Are you in the gratitude mood this Thanksgiving? Comment below and tell us what you appreciate about your business and team.

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