Flitter Makes Debut at Shared Office Space in South Florida!

Flitter Makes Debut at Shared Office Space in South Florida!

What do you get when you combine Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — other than your cell phone blowing up? Introducing Quest’s Flitter portal, an electronic platform giving Questers from all locations in our shared office space in South Florida the ability to connect one on one. This portal will empower Questers to conduct business on a higher scale in every single aspect, from generating business leads and referrals to communicating and gaining knowledge with a much higher immediate impact. As Quest’s goal is to give its clients the freedom to work the way they want, we see the Flitter portal as a powerful growth engine that will fuel the expansion of many of our clients’ businesses.

Why Does Social Media Matter for Shared Office Space in South Florida?

For businesses of all types, social media is how communication is happening. It’s starting to become a norm of business society so powerful that no company is going to be able to survive in a vacuum without it. The numbers behind the social media explosion are astounding. Every 60 seconds, about 29MM WhatsApp messages are sent, 3MM Facebook posts occur, and 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. (Allen, 2017)  According to Business Insider Intelligence, the social networks have expanded to more than 2BB users. Messaging is even bigger, with WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Viber encompassing almost 3BB users. (inVentiv Health Communications/GSW, n.d.)

Some may argue that there is no need for social media to communicate in a business center where companies coexist in close proximity to one another already.  While this may be true, it is also relevant to consider that users have become accustomed to messaging over the mobile phone in place of communicating face to face.  Rather than get up and walk down the hall, for simple communications a text or email will do in the business world of today. Texting wins over talking unless there is an emotional sensitivity to the message. You’ve seen people who sit next in adjacent desks email each other rather than talk, right? Technology has enabled us to seek the path of least resistance.

Quest’s Flitter portal connects not only users within the same center but across the entire Quest network. Clients in Fort Lauderdale looking for a real estate attorney can take their pick of a multitude of Miami attorneys, or any others located in our eight Quest locations across South Florida. Or, a company in Boca Raton that just launched a business banking application for financial firms will be able to get the word out about their product to those in Coral Gables.

Social media is more than a way to communicate; it’s the new way that people are learning. Knowledge isn’t shared through textbooks as much as the classroom of the internet chat room. Knowing has become a product of interactive moments but more than something learned in a formal setting. These peer-to-peer experiences arrive in our hand held device through chat rooms, threaded discussion boards, and blogs. The result? A social shared consciousness.

There’s no doubt that this platform will create a tighter knit community of interconnected Questers who can communicate freely and without technological boundary. In doing so, it will unify our culture and enable growth not only of Quest as a business but also for the client companies within our centers nationwide.

Networking Benefits for Shared Office Space Users in South Florida

The Flitter portal was designed to facilitate maximum interaction amongst Questers. The Dashboard is the main screen which organizes all data below and clearly displays any updates in a user-friend fashion. The following are Flitter’s key features.

  • The Member Directory is where the highest value in this platform lies, presenting access to over 1,000 business professionals across all nine Quest locations across the country as well as the Quest team of professionals. Any network is only as good as its ability to be searched; locate other Questers by name, skill, industry, and venue.
  • Online Conference Room and Day Office Booking. You’ll never have to worry about not knowing what’s available and what’s not at any Quest center.
  • Community Tab. Here you’ll see updates on popular discussions and have the ability to comment or even start your own. Feel free to share your own promotions, needs/wants, and achievements, much like the news feed feature on popular social networks.
  • Company information: You’ll be in the know about company-wide networking events and new Quest offerings. You can even create a service ticket instantly when problems arise. In days to come we’ll be including real-time invoice review and payment as well.

Social Media Connects Shared Office Space in South Florida

Amanda Medeiros, Quest’s Boca Raton center managers, sees Flitter opening doors for her clients. “They are constantly asking me how they can connect other clients at other locations. So this will be an amazing way to do that. Here in Boca Raton we all know each other, and my Questers want the same relationship in other locations but they can’t always travel or drive.”

According to Amanda, before Flitter, requests to connect with other Questers would go through the manager at that location. They would have to send out an email or call with the request. She recalls the specific time that one of the real estate attorneys in Boca needed to do a closing down in Miami which was out of his geographic reach. Quest reached out and found an attorney down in Miami who could do it for him through a chain of phone calls and emails. Now with Flitter, the client can send a message directly to whoever they are trying to reach and get a much faster response time.

Carye Farrell, the center manager for Quest’s West Palm Beach location, shares Amanda’s sentiment. In her vision, “Flitter will allow our Questers to capture a larger audience than our cocktail hours and Break to Educate events.”

Join the Flitter Network Today!

Like any social network, this new platform’s success will be dependent upon the participation of its members. Join the social media wave and grow your business in the process! For more information about how to join Quest Flitter, email awesometeam@questworkspaces.com.


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