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5 Ways to Improve Your Focus While You're Working
Quest WorkspacesJun 21, 2024 1:01:38 PM4 min read

5 Ways to Improve Your Focus While You're Working


Two of the most important tools for a great workday are productivity and focus—but these two things can often feel out of reach. A bad morning or an unexpected problem can dissolve your focus and make it hard to get your day back on track. But by proactively creating routines and habits built around focus, you can make your day more resilient. No matter what industry you're in, these five office workspace strategies can help increase your focus during daily work, improve your focus after an interruption, and help you feel more in control every day. 


1. Build a Start-of-the-Day Routine

How does your day start, and does it always start the same way? A formulaic morning routine is one of the best strategies for getting into a productive groove. For example, as you drive or walk to your hybrid office near you, you might listen to your favorite playlist or a podcast that comes out every Monday. If you have a hospitality-driven coworking space for rent, you might always start your day with a cup of coffee and a quick glance at the notices for upcoming networking events.

A good routine gives you momentum and puts you in a practiced, focus-driven mindset. You can build the unique cues, routines, and habits that fit your workspace and your style.

2.Create a Daily To-Do List

Once you or your team settle into your workspaces, don't let that momentum fizzle out. A daily to-do list means you can jump right into tasks without having to put together a plan or spend time looking for work. There are many different approaches you can use for creating a to-do list that fits your work style: 

  • Develop a multi-scale planning strategy that creates quarterly, weekly, and daily plans.
  • Wrap up each workday with a to-do list for the next day.
  • Institute time-blocking and work on pre-determined projects in each block.

These or other approaches give you a clear view of what to do, even before you arrive at the office workspace. Even better, a clear to-do list based on a long-term view can tell you if you need to find more workspaces for rent or if you need meeting rooms for rent to accommodate client-facing meetings or group work sessions.


3. Display a Digital or Paper Calendar

This is a conventional strategy, but it's an important one. Don't just have a calendar out of view in your inbox or behind the scenes of your project management platform. Display it front and center wherever you work. This can include right on your phone's home screen, on your computer desktop, and on your physical desktop.

By investing in private offices for rent, you can keep a physical calendar posted without having to move it from location to location. Alternatively, if you prefer a multi-screen setup, dedicate one portion of a screen to always have your digital calendar on display. This gives you the same visibility as a physical calendar without worrying about syncing issues. You can also more proactively carve out valuable white space in your work calendar to eliminate unhelpful work and prevent your day from becoming overwhelmed.

4. Create a Distraction-Free Environment (That Still Has Everything You Need)

The right work environment makes all the difference. Cramped spaces, clutter, disruptive noises, and even too much stillness and isolation can make your default work area a bad fit for your productivity needs. Here's how renting a coworking space near you can help you enjoy a distraction-free environment:

  • Set up your workstations in public quiet zones or workspaces with low levels of chitchat based on your preferences.
  • Rent a private office so you can manage secure calls and sensitive meetings.
  • Remove yourself from a busy or noisy home environment where personal to-dos and chores can draw your focus away.
  • Bring everything you need for the day's planned work in a messenger bag or laptop—by having all but only what you need, it's easier to complete your to-do list.
5. Take Timed Breaks

Take intentional breaks where you can walk around pleasant spaces, get a healthy snack or drink, or meet up with someone in your network before transitioning to the next task. Depending on your workflow, the right office workspace will do a lot of heavy lifting. For example, you can take a break between time blocks by picking up a coffee as you leave a public, chatty workspace and bring it to a quieter section of the coworking space for deep work. Or, once you wrap up calls in your private office, you can meet up with an industry networking group or a client in person.


Find a Hospitality-Driven Coworking Space Near You

Improving your focus by implementing routines, habits, and plans will immediately make a difference in your work. Quest Workspaces makes it easy to make big changes (and small changes) in how you set up work.

Visit our South Florida or NYC coworking spaces for rent to see how your preferred daily routine will look, or reach out to see what amenities and features are available at each space.



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