There’s always one. Are you “that person” in the Miami meeting room? If you’re exhibiting any of these behaviors listed below, you may be driving your coworkers crazy.

  1. The Octopus

We’ve all sat next to the Octopus.  You know, the person hogging the videoconferencing equipment, who always has to interrupt and get their point across first?  Modern office spaces, such as Quest Workspaces’ 1395 Brickell location, feature less formal settings to allow everyone in the group to participate with ease.

  1. The Intruder.

Yes, the weather in beautiful in Miami, as it is for all of South Florida. We all know the beaches are hard to tear yourself away from. But if you’re the last one into the Miami meeting room, observe proper etiquette by situating yourself with as minimal intrusion as possible.

  1. Eating smelly food during a meeting. Or crunching, for that matter.

Look, the cuisine doesn’t get much better than it does in Miami.  If you’re caught in between meals and can’t resist the urge to snack, please remember to keep it private rather than sharing smells or sounds of the food with the entire room.  Several modern office space centers, such as Quest Workspaces’ Plantation Center, feature state-of-the-art dining facilities so that people can avoid hunger strikes while working.

  1. The Phone Addict

You know what we mean – the cell phone ringing every two minutes and interrupting everybody’s train of thought. Or how about that one person who apparently is the most popular person at Mojito happy hour because he can’t seem to stop texting the whole time? Buzz mode exists for a reason, buddy.

  1. The Snoozer.

Let’s face it. Most of us are sleep deprived and would love to catch a few z’s when the meeting lulls.  But that doesn’t mean that you should do it right then and there in plain view.  Quest Workspaces, a premier provider of Miami private office spaces, virtual offices, and coworking spaces, strives to make communal time a pleasant experience for its Quester clients.  Realizing that many of us could use a little bit of extra sleep time, we have included nap rooms in several of our locations.  That way, you can snooze in private instead of in the Miami meeting room.

Anything we left off the list? If you are a frequent guest in a Miami meeting room and have some pet peeves to share, please post up a comment below or email